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Live from the Phog. OU-KU thread.

We are live in Lawrence. Tipoff under 25 minutes away.

  • I went to three games in Kansas when I was an OU student in the late 70's into 1980. Went to Manhattan twice, and to Lawrence once ('79). They put the OU Tip-in Club group up in the rafters. In fact, I rested my pregame soda in a ceiling beam.

    But, that didn't bother me as much as their attitude did. Terry Stotts put a hard foul on Darnell Valentine to stop an easy layup, and their crowd acted like he'd swung a baseball bat at Darnell's head or something. Their radio guy even acted like it was premeditated murder, and even Ted Owens went bananas. Then, after they finally put us away, their fans followed the OU Club group back to the bus and taunted the heck out of us.

    I've heard that was tame compared to what happened after the Mistake of '88. At least in '79 we got the last laugh and won the league title by two games (KU finished fourth, after many polls had them going 14-0 in the league). Then we won the tournament in Lawrence-East (Kansas City, of course) by pounding them in the title game.

    In a nutshell, even though they have a great tradition and have been the ONLY Big 12 team that has a better one than OU, I totally despise them. It really sucked in '88, too, because a lot of OU-hating folks in the OKC area rooted for Kansas, and I'm still convinced part of that was racism against OU's team.

  • Sounds like sour grapes to me. Give credit where credit is due. It is the Mecca of college basketball. It is basically where the game was invented, after Naismith moved from Springfield, Mass. Yes OU got hosed in the '88 championship game, but, don't let that cloud your vision to what they have in Lawrence.

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