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Skeeter Henry's son starting to turn off "locals"

  • Lobo Hoops Recruit Henry Causes Quite a Stir With Video
    By Mark Smith / Journal Staff Writer on Apr. 20, 2011

    New Mexico men’s basketball recruit Jarion Henry still won’t say where he’s going to college — but he’s saying plenty else.

    Or at least he was in a controversial video, which then disappeared from the Internet early Tuesday evening.

    In the video, Henry — a high school standout in Dallas — made a pitch to females to “get together” with him. He also fired a wake-up call to whichever school he attends.

    “I’m one and done,” Henry says during the video that was posted on YouTube, referring to how many years he plans to attend college. “I’m going to The League (NBA). Remember I said this, one and done.”

    The Journal sent Henry a text asking him why he took the video down, and Henry texted “Lol (laugh out loud).”

    Henry, who made an official recruiting visit to UNM just more than a week ago, is also being recruited by Georgetown. On Monday he sent out a tweet on his Twitter account, saying he will make a decision on Sunday.

    But it wasn’t the impending decision that drew the attention of Albuquerque sports fans Tuesday. It was Henry’s recent video, which left many wondering whether UNM should continue to recruit the 6-foot-8 forward.

    “To (Coach Steve) Alford, if he’s listening, do not take this player,” one caller said on “The Locker Room” afternoon sports talk show on KQTM-FM (101.7) Tuesday.

    The show’s host Bob Brown, played the audio of the video — minus Henry’s multiple use of the N-word — on the radio.

    Brown said “the callers were about 60-40 that UNM should forget the kid. Other callers said that if he’s good enough, in terms of big-time players, you’ve got to weigh it out if he has issues away from the court.”

    Brown said he found the video by doing a random search for Henry’s name. Late on Monday night, an emailer sent the Journal a link of the video, and wrote “This type of player, good or not, is a cancer in the locker room.”

    The video was taken down about an hour after the start of Brown’s 4 p.m. show.

    By NCAA rule, coaches are not allowed to comment on an individual recruit until that recruit signs a national letter of intent. A coach can confirm if he is recruiting a player.

    On Tuesday afternoon, the Journal sent emails and text messages to Alford and UNM sports information director Frank Mercogliano, asking if Alford — in general — would recruit a player who plans on going to school just one year.

    Alford was also asked if he was still recruiting Henry.

    Mercogliano said Alford was on the road and unavailable for comment.

    Mercogliano was aware of the video, and said he was also aware it had been taken down.

    The video shows Henry, in what looks like a school setting, urging females to get in touch with him to get together with him.

    Henry, displaying a medal, talks about how he and Kimball High School just won the Texas (4A) state prep title.

    “I’m this big homie from Kimball High School in Dallas,” Henry says to the camera, “so all you females over there at (hard to decipher) who want to get with a real (n-word), a real state golden (n-word) state medal winner, then holler at me, man.”

    Henry goes on to describe the type of female he’s looking for, which is “I like it all … I’m a business man. I’m going to The League.”

    Henry also tells the females to follow him on Twitter, Facebook and his “hot line.”

    On his Twitter account, which has exploded with followers during the past week, Henry sent out a tweet on Tuesday that, “Lobo ville sounds good To be at rite about now.”

    Last week, Henry sent out a tweet saying his official visit to UNM “was off the chain out here in New Mexico … New Mexico gott (sic) some hotties.”

  • I have a word for ALL institutions of "higher learning:" Quit taking these punks at ALL! Let them be "none and done." Then go to "the league" and be a rich punk like your other role models- leave everyone else the hell alone along the way. Oh and BTW Henry- your trolling for some real quality young ladies there too- try Craigslist.

  • You never know - he could have just been having some fun. The era of social media puts these guys under a lot more scrutiny than in the past (although much of it is self imposed).

  • The "Skeeter Meter" his dad was a beast. They said he could either only dribble to his left or right. Lloyd Noble sounded pretty loud on TV back then.

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    As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17

  • Kind of glad we're not recruiting his son, but Skeeter Henry was absolutely awesome. I miss the Skeeter Meter. If there are any outstanding high school ball players out there named "Skeeter", it would be worth it to recruit them just so we can have a Skeeter Meter again.

    This post was edited by SlicedBread 3 years ago

  • this guy sounds like a grease fire

    "The way I figure it, everyone takes a beating..."

  • Trouble.
    But I named a cat of mine Skeeter after Skeeter Henry. I miss the meter too. :)

  • It was announced on a couple of boards that Henry is still going to sign with UNM. That's going to be rather interesting....