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Rumor on the Auburn board

  • I'll type slow so you get this. You and the other auburn fans are on a Oklahoma Sooner website talking trash about our team. Do you make it a habit of going to all 120 division one teams to see if a thread has been started about auburn? Just seems a little strange to me to have people whose team was winless in conference play talking smack.

    As for auburn paying Cam I'll let the NCAA folks who are digging into your football program see what they find.


  • Stoops would piss on while laughing at any offer Auburn made to him! Auburn is like a third world country to OU! You wanna hype the SEC that's fine they deserve it, but you guys didn't win a single conference game in a conference with the likes of Missouri, Arkansas, Vanderbelt and Kentucky! Really? You guys have been a disgrace to the SEC over the last year two years! You guys are tarnishing the company name and your over here on an OU board talking shit! We kicked Missouri and A&M's ass on a regular basis and you couldn't manage a win against either? You guys are Bama's bitch! Remind me again what was the score at half time of that game? Oh yea that's right 49-0 ouch! OU's two loses 11-1 KSU and the National Champs Notre Dame! Also had Auburn not paid Scam Newtons dad 250k you wouldn't have that title! Remember this to eventually you will be caught ask Bush and USC or even Ohio State! The truth will come out and it will all collapse on you!

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    "With Nebraska trying to leave, we felt like we needed to send them out with a loss, and we did." -Ryan Broyles-

  • Type slow? Lol Since I now know you're an idiot Ill try to put this as simply as I can. This thread was brought to OUR attention on OUR board. See the OUR? WE did not start the thread over here but YOU can believe we will defend OUR team when people run their mouthes. Read the first few posts in this thread and tell me if our positions were flipped if you'd have the same stance as you do now. It started off bashing AU....Lesser program. Little brother, etc. How in the world do you think this thread was started over here??? It was because an OU fan was snooping on OUR board. We could care less what OU does. We have our own focus. If it involves your current coach then so be it. But nothing said on here will change the fact that Stoops has at least told the representatives at AU that he would at least listen to their proposal. So you can continue to bash away but I will not be answering anymore posts about your school or mine on this thread. Good day to you sir or madam. WAR DAMN!

    Oh and SoonerManNugget I gave you an upvote since you are so desperate for attention. Have A Nice Day. =)

    This post was edited by auburnman815 19 months ago

  • Did you have to bring that up!!!!!! I remember it all to well. It was my 1st Sugar Bowl. It was played in the old Tulane stadium. Beautiful day but we totally got man handled. Ah, but Bourbon Street was fun anyway.biggrin

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  • Lots of reasons for Stoops not to go to Auburn, but this is the Topper. No way he would move to a conference and compete on a regular basis against one of his brothers.

    He hates competeing with his brothers on a National stage.