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Question For The Board.

  • cullison

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  • Mike, to answer your original question... change is scarey, and it is inevitable. We were all pretty scared when Bob was hired out of the blue and what did he do for us? Pretty impressive. National championship in his second year...

    Couple more chances @ it, too, in the big game. WTH... who does he think he is? Barry Switzer?

    No, he's really his own man.

    Loyal. And some say, too loyal.

    But what he did last week was courageous.

    These new guys... Coach B, and whoever else... Wyatt, Bryant? Wyatt Earp? Bear Bryant?Rex Ryan? Buddy Ryan? it doesn't matter... I think we're all going to put our faith into the new guy.

    Its called hope.

    That's who I am... a Sooner.

  • MDellaVecchio

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  • Excellent question. More pointed than the general ballyhooed Sunshine vs. Doom chats. I have been disappointed with the product overall on the field these past few years. I think we all have to some degree. Now this does not constitute a total and utter failure by all who are associated with the program. Quite the contrary, there are many excellent coaches, players, and staff members who have come through OU. However certain trends have developed over that time and they are troubling. Some of these trends have mitigating factors while others demonstrate a failure of some stated goal or aim. It is because of this we scrutinize the program and wonder aloud (or on chat boards) as to these failures origin or source. Sometimes the answer is as clear as mud.

    For my part, I believe the play on both lines has been below the standard for Oklahoma. We've all seen it and we're only left to speculate the cause. Is it the players we've brought in? Is the coaching staff? Could it be the injuries? Or the game plans? I think the answer is a confluence of all of these factors. I think it's difficult to lay the entire fault at certain coaches feet. That being said, they are the ones who are in the prime position to positively affect the circumstances they find themselves in. They control their recruiting battles, their coaching techniques, their gameplans.

    What has the trend been for Coach Shipp? Over the arc of his career at OU he's been up there with any D-line coach in the nation. However over the past 4 years he's seen the line's play dip to sub 100 nationally in tackles for loss. I can't even recall seeing many this season. Sacks have been even harder to come by. Does this have to do with the 50 defense implementation under BV in 2011 or the 0 linebackers and 4 down linemen "experiment" this year? Possibly. Maybe it's the departure of Daniel Noble or Jamarcus MacFarland not panning out..(we all know how hard DT is to project). Essentially some could argue that Shipp is the victim of one bad cycle.

    What has the trend been for Coach Patton? Since he arrived here in 2006 he's coached up some pretty impressive guards and had to deal with as much attrition as we've seen in the country. Also, he hasn't seen his line produce a 1000 yard rusher since DeMarco Murray (that feels like eons ago). It's been very frustrating I'm sure for Coach Patton to see his Guards go down during fall camp. We have been equally distressed. We also realize that is the reason, in today's game, why you have to have depth at the position in order to survive the decimation. That means you must be a tenacious recruiter. Above and beyond in order to survive. Is he? I don't know.

    What about the CEO of Sooner Inc.? Does he have to answer for all of this? Definitely. I am confident that he is the best executive to have running the Sooner organization. He's got much more insight than we believe, in my opinion. He does not panic. He also knows that getting paid like a top 5 coach means you produce a top 5 team. Period. That's not unreasonable, it is quantifiable, it is measurable. What is also measurable is the performance of both lines by Bob Stoops. Can we do better, must we do better? The answer is yes to both. While I have mixed feelings about both Patton and Shipp being let go I know that anything in life involves a certain amount of risk. We are trading in two Lexuses (in Coach S and Coach P), for what we don't know. We'd like Ferraris. We've paid for Ferraris.

    Sunshiners like Lexus (Champions like Ferraris).

    Kittle, nice guy, doesn't belong on OU's coaching staff.

  • I've often wondered if we would be where we are had one of the last four years been one of those great years. As it is, all four years were almost identical. The difference being that in 2009 OU went 8-5 but lost a couple of games it could have won and this year's team won a couple of games that it easily could have lost.

    The net result is that the program looks like it has gotten stale. Not moving forward but not necessarily going backwards. Sometimes making changes helps with this. Some new ideas and procedures. etc. I think that Patton, Shipp (and Kittle if he chooses to stay in coaching) could benefit from a change of scenery as well.

    And to OU in LA, I am not at all offended nor concerned about whether you gave up on Stoops 10 years ago. LOL.

    This post was edited by Ruprecht 17 months ago

  • I think the original post is kind of preposterous. Instead of using many people a better description would be A vocal few. Why try to solicit any negative comments about the team or its coaches or continually try to beat the stoops needs to do more? I really don't get all the second guessing. I am impressed with the positive responses and the belief that whatever these personnel changes bring they are good for the team. Absolutely no way on God's green earth to know the outcome but its nice to see so many people think its going to be good and a positive change. That is at least hopeful.

  • MDellaVecchio

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  • I do not trust Coach Stoops to get it done. I do however hope that he can get it done. There have been so many glarring mistakes made over the years by he and his staff. The promoting within has gotten us nowhere and the hirring and the retaining of friends has been the downfall up to this point. I like Coach Stoops, I really do. I do believe he is a good football coach. But as a head coach his ego has gotten the best of him time and time again. This is a critical moment to where this program heads in the future with him at the helm. As I said the trust meter is low but the hope meter is high. I want him to succeed and further us until he chooses to hang up his whistle but he has to understand and move quicker istead of allowing things to fester amonst his staff as well as his team.
    A few of his hires have been very questionable. But the retention of so many has been unexcusable when the opportunity to right the wrong have presented itself to him only to be ignored. I do agree that so far there have been some positive changes made in the past couple of weeks. I hope Bob commits himself to the right hire in the places of those being let go. I do still there are a few other changes that could be made but its a matter of what he (Stoops) believe to be prudent. So in the end, I pray that he will majke tose decisions the right ones.