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Question For The Board.

  • IMO we lost the KSU game because of turnovers, not Snyder's brilliant coaching (Blake inside the 5 YL and Landry's into the end zone). Take away either of those and we win the game.

  • I agree except the BB fumble was far more egregious. Unforced and unconscionable.

  • It was the eye opener to Stoops of their scheme and adjustments not the win.

    Bob Stoops;On K-State getting open in the flats:
    "Well that was on first and 10. It was a run situation when the tight end was open. The way we were reading and defending the run the rest of the night, that helped us, our safety was a little bit late seeing the tight end releasing. They make you cover them in a unique way because of all the quarterback run game. By the time we got it corrected they had hit it a couple times."

    Mike Stoops:They kept us off balance all night on their empty sets when they went to 10 personnel and jumped the (offensive) line back out and created some matchups, and that really disoriented us. We adjusted some things, but they kind of worked us on third down and that kept drives going. That was probably the most disappointing part of it all is that we didn't have a better game plan against their empty sets and really that's my fault. The way they structured it was a little bit different, but that is just careless, and we just didn't execute against that set very well.

    On his evaluation of the defense versus Kansas State's offense:
    "We were fighting all night to get them in an uncomfortable situation. I thought they played the game at their tempo most of the night. They know how to play and we just couldn't get control of the game the way we wanted to. Their offense is very sophisticated, way beyond the normal eye could ever imagine. I think that is what makes them great. Maybe not in the media's eyes, but in coaching eyes they are very sophisticated. They are very persistent and they execute very well and that makes them who they are. It is hard to beat a top-10 or -15 team and that is what they are. They are very complete."

    Kenny Stills;On if there were any surprises from the Kansas State defense:
    "No. It was kind of the first time that I had seen bracket, other teams weren't doing it. They were kind of shutting me down and leaving Shep [Sterling Shepard] open on the other side. It was a little bit different, but we had seen it because that is what our defense runs.

    I didn't manufacture this I am sharing some info.

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    The two best professional rookies in 2010 and both from Oklahoma City,Oklahoma.

  • Mike really had to use what was put into place for him. Hardly can blame him for what was in cupboard! JMO

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  • Heupel got owned in both Reg Season games. Against aTm it was a combo of talent and being out-coached on every level including head coach. You cannot put those 2 Reg Season losses on Shipp, that was 90% Heupel. As far as aTm, Heupel got owned again but the DE's were a way bigger problem than the DT's. They could not maintain outside contain and were afraid to go inside. Neither was working so they should have picked their poison.

    While the DT's were an issue last season. OU losses were mostly because the offense, the supposed strength of the team, could not score and get first downs consistently. How do you win when your offense is a spread hurry-up and you are averaging 15 pts./game?

    In all 3 games, the opposing DC out-schemed Heupel. I do not know how you can argue otherwise.

    To be fair, the offense bailed out the defense and won as many as they lost. By the end of the season, the offense needed to score 50 points to win games.

  • i think the firing of patton was something that should have happened when kw left town the hiring of kittle was just too stupid to justify especially when we so desperately needed a special teams coach but the firing of jakie shipp smacked of mike stoops all the way. i have read that shipp and stoops butted heads about the schemes and it seems to me that shipp was right in that mike's scheme was stupid and not working especially when it was giving up around 600 yards a game if bob would have went out last year and hired the best recruiter/lb coach available it would have sent a message to all the coaches that they needed to get back into the game but instead we hired kish which was mike's yell buddy who's main job was to be the victim of mike stoops sideline yelling tantrums from what i read on week-end update shipp wanted to go ahead and offer manning early but was told not to and then when it caused irreparable damage to his recruiting it was jackie's fault he went to aTm i will wait and see if the next 2 hiring are just more of mike's Arizona recycles or if we are actually going to hire the best money can buy. i hope OU can get back to being a force that wins a National Championship again but I'm not sure if this will ever happen.

  • I'm trying to fathom the notion of having given up on Bob Stoops ten years ago, but I can't wrap my mind around it. What a lot of great Sooner moments have occurred in that time.

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    “When most people say they are being 'realistic,' they delude themselves; they are simply being negative.” —Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

  • MDV:

    Great post resulting in some interesting opinions and thoughts.


    Besides the mods, your posts are some of my favorite on the board. You always seem to be in-the-know and I completely agree with your thoughts on the national recruiting. It did not work. We need our recruting to begin and end with oklahoma and texas kids. In addition, get some kids from contiguous states(Bell, Neal, Grissom, etc.). Then, if we have a connection, go national.

    With all that being said, I completely disagree with you on Shipp. I realize he is a great Sooner and do not take that lightly. However, as of late, he was not getting the job done. On the field or in recruiting. It was time for him to go. Our DT play over the last few years has been terrible and he has not been able to sign any studs, either. This last class to me is very unimpressive. The 2 best players(Russell and Higgins) may never make it to campus and the others had very questionable offers and weren't highly rated. Last year, I don't believe he signed anyone. And the jury is still out on Jordan Phillips.

    As to your question MDV, I am pumped. At the conclusion of the year, I thought 3 coaches needed to get their walking papers. Two of them did. Personally, I thought Patton did a pretty good job. Landry always had the cleanest jersey in college football. However, the run blocking needed improvement and Stoops thought a change was needed. Good luck to Patton and I'm excited about Bedenbaugh.

    I think Bob, with Mike in his ear, wants to get us back to being elite. I'm expecting 2 more great hires and I think they are going to start running the program like they did in the early 2000's. Discipline, physical, and everyone's accoutable football. Just my opinion and I can't wait.

  • Things needed shaken up and changed. I know Bob like to hire people he is comfortable with but I want him to think outside the box like he did when he got to OU and went and hired Leach. I want Bob to sell the OU program to the best coaches/recruiters he can go get! I would like to see more diverse culture as in african american coaches. Im not really happy with the AZ coaches climbing over to OU as they did not have much success at AZ.
    I loved Jackie but he got complacent his talent or his lack of finding real talent lacked since McCoy. Kittle had not business being a coach at OU and Bob took a risk there and it failed... time for Bob to make it up and go get the best person for the job. Patton... again, not doing much since he got at OU and lost a lot of OL kids to schools they should not have gone to.
    Bob has to do mix it up.... and quite frankly if Josh has the same 15 plays he had this yr. the lack of use of a TE he should be next to go and put Norvell in the spot.. is Norvell the answer? I dont know but he has earned a shot as he is getting it done with recruiting and coaching.
    I like to see the changes... but he needs to get DL coach ASAP so they and keep Russell and take a shot at Toby if thats even an option.

    I'm hell when I'm well.. And, I am never sick!

  • cullison

    One issue can be taken off the table. During his time at Oklahoma, James Patton recruited the following OL:
    Donald Stephenson Nat'l #34 OT*
    Jason Hannon #1 OC
    Cody Cooke #54 OG
    Stephen Good #7 OT
    Ben Habern #3 OC*
    Britt Mitchell #68 OT
    Joseph Aladenoye #42 OT
    Tyler Evans #52 OG*
    Bronson Irwin #3 OG*
    Tyrus Thompson #18 OT*
    Daryl Williams #32 OT*
    Austin Woods #5 OC
    (Adam Shead #13 OG recruiter unlisted)*
    Dylan Dismuke #22 OT
    Derek Farniok #76 OT
    Nathan Hughes #22 SDE
    Brandon Williams #3 RB
    Ty Darlington #2 OC*
    Kyle Marrs NR OT
    John Michael McGee #6 OG
    Christian Daimler NR OT
    Matt Beyer OT became NR after career-ending injury
    (*people who have started)
    I say Landry Jones is just better at passing than frustrating the defense with his feet. What he needed most was the pass blocking which was consummate. If you reply, then, that it was Patton's coaching that was bad instead of his recruiting, I say simply [expletives deleted].

    Reading between the lines of what's been posted, Mike deserves a defensive staff he respects. It may be a new kind of division of labor to let your coordinators so heavily influence your position staff decisions, but there may be a sense to it. Either of Mike's DL coaches at Arizona seem acceptable (and acceptable at OU is prime at AZ). If Bob's influence can get us someone that raises Mike's eyebrows, that'll be good too. (Just think of the Samoans' recruiting expenses, by the way!)

    When you consider that Mike did as well with Blake's recruits as he did with the one's he got from Bob's crew when he returned, it just slaps you in the face. Two more years like this, though, and Brent may be back.

  • I spent a lot of time (almost an hour) writing a response to this post only to have it disappear because there is now a time limit to how long you have to make a post. I'll do my best to try to recreate it, but it's frustrating at best that I spent all that time and effort just to lose it because I'm not used to seeing a message that your time has run out and you have to copy and paste it somewhere else because you spent the time to put some thought into it.

    There are some very good statements in this thread from some posters I respect and agree with. Those that read my posts know my thoughts that football is won in the trenches, defense and special teams play. That's something we haven't had consistently in a few years now. Offenses are changing, and you have to make changes on D to compete, but line play and great defenses still wins championships.

    IMO, Bob had become not complacent, but arrogant in the idea that his system worked, and he wasn't going to make changes because it had always worked before.

    The hiring of Kittle was a head scratcher at best. I had given Patton the benefit of the doubt until this year, when again his O Line couldn't move people off the ball and we couldn't run when we wanted too. Kish has only been here a year, and was working with Venables recruits, but his LBs were almost invisible this year. I know that we have some good athletes at this position and they were very effective in some situations, but overall the LB position this year was a bust. Time will tell if he is a great recruiter and coach or just a friend of Mike's who he was used to working with.

    Ship has a long history with OU but let's face reality. Our DTs have been marginal at best for a few years now. I understand that Tommy Harris and Gerald McCoy only come along so often. But we haven't had penetration and disruption of offensive plays from our DTs in a long time. We have whiffed on the best DTs available for too many years.

    Yes, recruiting is getting more difficult. But that just shows that other teams are getting it done and we aren't. Nick Saban is the best college football coach bar none, and his results show it. I don't agree with his "over recruiting" tactics and telling a scholarship player their scholarship is over just because you found someone else better the next year, but you can't argue with the results. Until someone breaks the strangle hold the SEC has on NCs, it's going to be difficult to pull the best recruits away from them because these young kids want to play for the NC. But lets face the facts. Other teams, who aren't even in the SEC, are out recruiting us lately.

    Changing coaches may have some short run consequences and we might lose some of our current recruits. Let's hope that the new coaches recruiting and coaching abilities make up for that in the long run. Sometimes you have to make those short run sacrifices to improve for the future.

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  • I agree with the fact vs. equal competition Heupel's overall game plan and play calling was questionable. When your offense puts your defense in difficult positions, it make the defense look worse than it was. I sure hope Heupel learned from the last couple of years.

  • I am very excited about the changes. I would like to know if he wanted too make these changes or was he forced by administration and donors ? Bob is obviously a great coach but has been too complacent in the past few years. These new hires will help define how good of a coach he is imo. I am tired of the buddy system and hope he really looks to hire the best coaches for the remaining positions. We know he has the budget so no excuses on these last two hires. I personally think Josh is in over his head but a great QB coach and knows how to evaluate talent. I like the remaining coaches and they can coach and recruit which is needed in todays game. The most difficult sistuation we have is how do you recruit LB's to play in this spread offense ? We can win with the smaller and faster backers but what if we play an alabama in a NC game. My only complaint with Bob is that I wish he was more forthcoming with the media and even fans for that matter. His arrogance is part of his personality but Barry spoiled us with his ability to communicate with everyone. My biggest concern is that we are so weak at DL that it may take some time to become dominant on that side oof the ball. We need Quincy in the worst way.

    It is great to be a SOONER and the best may be come !!!!!!!

  • I think the changes needed to be made. Now every one is talking about hoping we don't bring in any more former zona coaches but isn't our new offensive line coach a coach who worked with Mike at zona? Now everybody seems to be in love with the guy so hey I hope he is every thing we need. Kittle never should've been hired. Firing Shipp was needed but I hate it that it had to happen.

    Next year could be great or it could be a little rough depending on how the new coaches mesh with the other coaches and the team.


  • We still have a problem in that Coach H will still be calling plays. When the past OC's called a game they made the defense adjust to what they were doing and now Coach H seems to be letting the other teams defense determine what he calls. If he allows that to continue and keep jumping from uptempo to slow tempo then back again within a matter a series he's killing momentum that the offense gets into. Multiple times we had defenses off kilter with uptempo than bam slow down and the defense gets its bearings back and the stall drives. Against ND the short passing game was gashing their defense then he slows it down with multiple run plays that get stuffed.

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    Boomer Sooner!!!!

  • Always excited for our Sooners. Have given up hope on our fanbase. The team deserves so much better!


    Free download to sooner song Feed the Monster.

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  • I'm excited that Bob seems to realize we have a problem. We certainly don't know why he chose to terminate the 3 that he did. As for Kittle, Joe C. should have never let him be hired. He simply didn't qualify for the job. This was Bob trying to help out a friend by using OUR program.

    I don't believe for a minute that we are going to be much better next year. The defense was horrid and lost its best player in TJ along with two other db's and all but one of our defensive tackles. It is similar to bad defenses the last couple of years who kept losing their best player with expectation we would still improve. Last year Ronnel, Frank (big 12 defensive player of the year), Travis and Fleming(highest pick in the draft). Year before was Beal also a player of the year.

    I do believe in a few years he can have OU back to where it belongs. The fire on Saturday's never changed but it did during the week and the off season. The dismal performances despite the win loss record should stoke the fire in Bob's belly!

  • Sooner! I don't know if it is really our fanbase or just this board.

  • I am in 100% on that with you Peace. Many people are watching to see what he does on that hire. It is very vital more so than some want to admit. Bob has to get that one right for his current team sake & the many other kids Ou will try to recruit in the future.

  • I am excited about the changes and everyone knows changes are hard, but our program has leveled off, and we as Sooner fans expect to vie for NC games not 10-3 seasons right or wrong. That's why we espouse their is only 1 Oklahoma. I feel change is exciting and I trust BS to the end.

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  • So I'm guessing this includes you also?

    Or just everybody else?

    I'm a real adult fan, not like all you other spoiled babies. You don't know anything about me, but I can make wild accusations about you.