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Question For The Board.

  • MDellaVecchio

    It seems that the board is divided on HC Bob Stoops and what needed to happen. Many on here have questioned both James Patton and Bruce Kittle and the output of their position players and their ability to recruit. So much so that many have wanted them gone. Many thought Bob had gotten complacent in his ways and said that changes needed to be made. Well within three days, THREE coaches were gone and now the board seems divided once again. Everyone loved Jackie Shipp and he was a great Sooner and a great coach and will be missed but was it time for a change there as well?

    Do you trust that Bob will hire great assistants because he knows that he needs to get OU back in the National Championship race, or do many of you think that he only let go of the three because he was in a sense of panic?

    Let me just say that I for one trust that Bob will make the right decision on each and every coach he brings in and maybe learned a little bit with the Kittle hiring and that is why it is taking him so long to make educated decisions as to who he brings in next. Stoops alluded to the fact that he had a stack of candidates at his disposal anytime he wanted to look at hiring a new position coach so personally, I think he is evaluating and taking his time to find the best recruiter/coach out there to help get OU back where they belong. Make no mistake about it, this is Bob Stoops’ team and he is on no danger of losing his job and I still think he is one of the top 5 coaches in the country so I for one think he will get the right assistants to get the job done. He has always been a guy that allows his assistant to recruit and coach their players up so he is definitely not a micro-manager.

    The Sooners will come out with some different looks next year with new coaches in place. So second part of the question is, are you as a Sooner fan excited about next year having new coaches in place and some new ideas that come with them?


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  • Very excited for next year the next few years.

    Bob needs to be Bob. He has done well by trusting his intelligence and instincts.

    As David Byrne might say, This is His Beautiful House and it is his Beautiful Wife.

    Bob is getting older, wiser and I'm pretty sure he is learning from his mistakes. Firing three guys tell me that Bob still has what it takes to make the tough decisions and is determined to find a way to win more crystal footballs.

    Keep in mind, Saban is 9 years older than Bob. When Saban was Bob's age, he had just won his first NC at LSU.

  • MDellaVecchio

    Great point about Saban. Bob has the resources here to get OU back to where Bama is now. It just takes one or two good recruiting classes and winning some key games to get the ball rolling again. Of course, OU did win 10 games and shared the conference title so its not like we are talking about a 7-5 team here.....

  • oumodguy

    I'm very excited for the changes made. Let me go on record in saying that, yes, there needed to be a change in those spots. Probably more will come in the following years if there is no improvement. Bob probably knew all this a few years ago and challenged his guys to do better. I think Patton was ready to move on and Kittles should have never been hired. Shipp I probably would have gave another year but from what I have heard he has been unhappy the last few years and he is probably okay with not coaching. He doesn't need the money and may just sit out a year or so to see if he wants to coach anymore.
    As for changes in philosophy, going to a 3-4 style defense is really exciting. I'm looking forward to it. I think some fans may notice that we will be a little taller in the secondary and a little faster in the front seven next year. Hopefully on offense the coaching staff will come up with some stuff that will play to our strengths.

  • I believe the coaching staff had become complacent and there was a need for an infusion of excitement needed. I am not close enough to know the source of that complacency, but I have never been impresssed with the Patton hire. I was not thrilled with the Kittle hire either. I have been very concerned about our recruiting effort for O and D linemen and linebackers for the last several years, and it seems like we were not selling OU and the football program to the big guys. Switzer and his staff became complacent in the 80s, and it showed in the record. He renewed his enthusiasm and the program came back to the top. I would prefer that Stoops and company get it going without having to have a wholesale program makeover. I do not necessarily care for Saban or Miles, but the energy they seem to have after all of their years in coaching is what you have to have to spend the time and energy coaching a top level program to get championship results.

    As for excitement about the program for next year and into the future, I am cautiously optimistic, but I believe you have to play the games to see where it all falls out. You don't win the games on paper or on the reputations of players and the coaching staff. I hope that at this time next year I will be very happy with our 2013 season and the 2014 class we will have just signed. If that happens then we will have hired the right coaches, and we will have infused enthusiasm into the program. That is what I want; it is the coaches and players who wil have to put forth the effort to make it happen. All of our speculation and anxiety will not make it happen.

  • I trust Bob to do what is needed to do, because the outcome will either keep him in the good graces of management or get him fired. I for one have always liked Jackie Shipp as a player and coach, but in today's world you have to pull your weight or the program will suffer as I believe it has. I know James Patton had a good track recorded at Northwestern and did a good job with what he had in the program, but never seemed to be able to recruit the top tier recruits into the program as you must be able to do in a program like Oklahoma. I never understood the Bruce Kittle hire, but then I trust Bob knew what he was doing and I believe he realized he made a mistake with the hire and corrected it. As a fan I would like to have a NC every year and I know that isn’t possible, but we should always be up there in the fight which we haven’t been in a while. The coaches and recruits you bring into a program as a HC will make you or break you as we have seen with Bob and I have seen with Bud and Barry. I remember Barry of the 70’s and I also remember Barry of the early 80’s and I see a lot of the same with Bob of today. It seems to run in cycles and I am hoping we are getting ready for the upper cycle rather than a down or flat cycle, but only time will tell. I also remember the ones in between the Bud's and Barry's and in most cases would rather be where we are today.

  • This is a hard question/s hard to answer. I am like alot of other Sooner fans and want a championship team every year. Is that a real hope or just being a Sooner fan? Do I want to settle for a average tean/school like osu, Tx Tech and other schools, NO. I won't question who Coach Stoops brings in. I believe he has a right to hire who he wants. Is he then repsonsible for the final product, yes. I really want Coach Bob Stoops to have great sucess and many championships. I hold him in the same reguard as Bud and Berry. I was kinda sad when I heard about Coach Shipp and wish him well. I trust him and in the same hand hope he does not bring in Coach Mike's old coaches from U of A. Unless they are the best and get the job done. But that is impossible to know now if that is the right thing to do. Coach Bob wants a championship teams so I believe we must stay off his back!!!!!! I am really looking forward to next season and see what to new coaches can do and how they recuit.

  • I was/am one that believe that changes really needed to be made. I am excited to see Stoops taking action. I just really feel bad for Ship. He has been a dedicated sooner for so long. I'm not questioning Bobs decision on him. But it really surprised me for him to fire ship. And for the second question yes it gives me more hope/excitement for The future of sooner football. I like the Bedenbaugh hire. I am just very anxious to see who he hires to fill the other two positions. I really hope he finds really good recruiters that can coach. I'm not really hoping to see Mikes Arizona staff being brought in. But I do believe in Bob Stoops and trust he will make the very best hiring decisions for the program. That's my two cents. BOOMER SOONER!!!!!!!

  • It would be great if everyone in a company or a team would work as if they were part owners of the organization, unfortunately that rarely happens over time even the best players lose there edge. Good and gutsy call Bob, this is not a group of friends coaching for free, these are very highly paid professionals that must meet very high standards or they should expect to be fired. Remember Barry's statement about the level of athletes in the program? Time for a change, no matter what the Mob and ex players think. Boomer Sooner!

  • Bob is the CEO. We just needed his attention to get the train back on the track, and I feel he has made the third step in this process. The first was cleaning house the last couple of years of unfocused and undedicated players. The second was getting Mike back into the fold. Now that he has replaced three coaches, I feel his refocus and plan is in full swing. I believe over the next 2-3 years we will see what we have come to expect. Tough OU football, and a move away from the current state of the program on offense.

    I do believe that Bob got a little complacent a few years back, but as any leader knows it takes a plan and committed steps to implement the plan. I honestly believe that he knows what he is doing, has a plan, and is implementing this plan before our eyes. One more time..............BOB is the CEO, and I trust him emphatically.

    Boomer Sooner!

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  • First let me ask how you can trust Bob to make the right decisions when you also say he has made mistakes in some of his hires? How do we know Bob's learning process is not still going on and he is still maturing in his decision making process, i.e. how to hire the best coaches?

    Second, I don't think he is any longer one of the top 5 coaches in college football any more than Mack Brown is a top 5 coach. I think he is being passed up by some of the newer, more innovative, and passionate recruiters, such as Sumlin and Freeze at Ole Miss. My evidence for this is subjective, but take a look at the ranking of the recruiting classes we have had the last 2-3 years. Also, take a look at our final rankings in the polls the last 2-3 years. These don't reflect a top 5 coach.

    Call me a pessimist, but we were excited about having a new DC in Mike Stoops back. The result was probably the worst defense in the history of Oklahoma football. We are very unstable on defense next year. New scheme, new personnel on the DL and the DB's. Unproven or undeveloped talent in the LB's. New coaches might help some, but I would have replaced Kish too. Then I might be more optimistic about the impact of new coaches. Don't know enough about the Shipp situation to know if that is a good move or not. Those are my thoughts.

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  • It was the right decsion. It hurts, in regards to Jackie, but shows vision, focus, and commitment to be the best.

    IMO Jackie's recruiting has slipped. Was he to slow to offer, or get to engaged? Possibly. The timeline appears to be much more aggressive than it used to be. Did he become complacent, lose the edge with today's generation of athletes? I am not sure, but we are in a precarious situation up front and have whiffed on top targets in recent years. The cupboard is bare and the remaining contents consist of 'Great Value' (Walmart house brand). I also believe the time period for turning coal into a diamond is not an option given our current state. Coach Shipp's process for getting DT's ready takes a long time! And time is not on our side.

    Once again just my thoughts, and I wish it were different. Coach Shipp is a great character guy, and great Sooner.

  • I don't think Bob spends a lot of time reading these boards or listening to talk radio. I think Bob saw, first hand, all of the problems we were having running the ball on offense, and stuffing the running lanes on defense. I think Bob realized several months ago that he was going to have to consider coaching changes. I think he encouraged Patton to look elsewhere at that time.

    As recruiting finalized, I think he saw that Jackie was not getting it done like he had in the past. I don't know if Jackie lost some fire for recruiting, or if Jackies firm belief that you don't offer DT's early were the reason why we could not close on talented kids that Stoops wanted. I don't know if Stoops (either Bob or Mike) had wanted to make some offers early to certain kids ... And Jackie argued it was too soon. We will never know. But we do know that Justin Manning had been like a member of the Sooner Family forever, and that Justin has said that he felt slighted that OU had waited so long to offer him. Something caused Stoops to decide that it was time for a change at DT.

    I think the change with Kittle evolved out of the decision to point Patton towards the door. I suspect he has become concerned with the consistancy within the line positions. Additionally, I think this divided responsibility hurts cohesion within the line. It also makes it very difficult to switch out guards and tackles ... When they are being coached by two different people, and possibly in two different ways. Hiring one guy to coach the whole OL also frees up a coaching position, maybe some type of Special Teams Coach.

    This, as well as virtually every post on this subject, is pure conjecture. But I trust Bob to bring in top notch coaches to replace these guys, who can also recruit.

  • I view this move largely a response to what aTm did to both OU and UT in recruiting, not to mention what aTm did to OU on the field. I do not buy the complacency argument for a second. One thing I have learned in this life is that the competition keeps getting better and I believe in this case, there are several programs that are players now that were not in the past. aTm, Baylor, OSU, TCU ..........are bringing a lot to the table these days and what was outstanding in the past is now simply ok or good.

    In the case of Shipp and Kittle, I do not believe they were able to close on recruits for whatever reason. Shipp had the hardest position to recruit in college football and the game has passed him by. Kittle lacked the resume and track record to sell recruits on his credibility. I believe the Patton haters are off the mark. He has done a fine job.

    I appreciate Bob's moves but it is the biggest risk I have seen him take as a coach. That is, if it works he will be hailed as a courageous leader who is willing to make the tough decisions when needed. If it is a failed attempt to improve the program, it will be viewed as Mack 2.0 and it will be viewed as a move of desperation where he scapegoated some loyal and trusted friend to CYA.

  • I still do trust that he will make good hires. I still think the Kish hire was bad and that he had produced the least this past season and should have benn included in the let go group. Everything i've heard indicated that the Coach B hire will be a good one. I'm really hoping for Bryant Young and Jamie Christian for the remaining two.

    I am glad to see that Bob does realize things aren't headed in the right direction and is making changes before things turn south.

    Anxiosly awaiting the new hires and excited to see Spring practice.

  • I am optimistic about the recent changes to the program, and have hope they will return OU to the elite level of championship football. The results on the field since the Florida game have largely been good, but not the NC level teams we consistently expect at OU. Change was needed...time will tell if these are the right changes.

    The move to a QB run game is important. It increases pressure on opposing D's, moves chains on 3rd down, and inserts energy in the game. This change was happening regardless with the mobile QB's on campus already, but look forward to seeing it function. The new OL coach will have experience in this, and help get it installed quickly.

    The change to a bigger stouter D will take more time. OU needs better players and improved execution. Can Mike and the new staff get results in the latter next season especially in the B12? Have my doubts, but expect to see a much better D in 2014/2015. In this league an outstanding D is required...plenty of great offenses and skill players...have to win the trenches with better players.

    Has Stoops got his mojo back? No one knows yet, but this is certainly a good indicator that he wants change. The Kittle hire was puzzling to even those labeled "pumpers". It didn't work...glad to see Bob making the right decision here. The Shipp decision...painful...but support it. Our DL has continued to digress over the last few years. He is clearly a good man and has brought in some of OU's best DT's in his tenure, and wish him well.

    Overall am excited and optimistic! Change is hard, but if done right is a very good thing.

  • I'm thrilled about the coaching changes. I gave up on Stoops 10 years ago. I NEVER thought he would make needed changes. I'm still skeptical of who gets hired though. He tends to use the buddy system too much and we've seen where that leads. I like the OL hire pretty well but hope we get a home run with the DL

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  • NorCal, I think much of what you write is true. However, I differ with your assertion that this would be viewed as CYA. Bob never needs to work another day in his life. He has more than enough banked to sit on his porch and sip tea for the rest of his life. He is doing this get us back to challenging for National Titles.

    Bob could easily have kept his staff intact, coached one more year, and retired as the winningest coach in OU history. He did not have to do a thing to enhance his legacy. He did not have to do a thing to keep his job. He did this because he thought it was in the best interest of the program ... Not to cover his @$$.

  • I for one am excited about the potential benefits from this shakeup. I believe that it is the result of a combination of what NorthCal and MileHigh stated.
    I'm in the camp of those who think that it is essential that we bring in a top notch DL coach. I would prefer not to add a coach w/ UA ties to MS. I think this coach ought to be young, aggressive and a tireless recruiter. I really liked Jackie Shipp and wish him well.

    I am curious about who third coaching hire will be. Apparently a top notch recruiter w/in the B12.

  • I think the coaching changes were a good move. It never hurts to bring in some new blood occasionally.

    Many on here think Bob has gotten fat and happy with 2-3 losses a year. I disagree. I believe he has as much fire as ever and proved that by making tough decisions on letting his friends go. From what I hear, Bob is getting very involved with recruiting. We won't win every game every year. But I think the future is very bright indeed.

  • The DT position is key for me. Firing Shipp is very risky, he has a lot of skins on the wall. Is Bob going to go out and hire the very best candidate he can or is it Mike's choice and he will go with one if his ex Arizona buddies.

    He's got to get Shipp's replacement right.

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    The two best professional rookies in 2010 and both from Oklahoma City,Oklahoma.

  • Yes I am excited to get new coaches and new ideas. Will they all work out? Who knows but that is what makes it exciting. We needed to do something to change things up as the last few years and a couple of recent losses were just not up to OU standards. In fact, they were embarrassing.

    Our military is very successful and one of the reasons is they have an up or out policy. You have to make certain ranks by certain years or off you go. One of the reasons our football team has been so good is we make the players fight for their positions every year and play the ones who show they are the best. Why not the same for the coaching staff? Works for me...

  • Of course change was needed unless you are delighted with our recent record.

    Now I hope he gets the best hire, not a chronie from the past

    I;m not sure he went far enough, after all heuple is still in training abd his preformance is not up to OU standard. bob needs to finish the job.