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Notes on Jones and Johnson at Senior Bowl Practice - Day 3

  • http://www.cbssports.com/general/blog/rob-rang/21605527/senior-bowl-fisher-johnson-tops-on-the-oline
    - With no elite quarterbacks to speak of, the Senior Bowl kind of turned into an offensive line coach's dream world. It was hard to pick the three best of the group, as well as three who need the most work, but after three practices we made our tough choices.
    2. Lane Johnson, Oklahoma (6-6 ¼, 302 pounds). Like Fisher, Johnson is NFL-ready after a solid three days at work. Occasionally he was pushed into the backfield but otherwise he was dominant against his teammates on the South team. To be fair, the South's defensive linemen aren't quite as good as the North's, which means the game will be a nice test for Johnson as he'll go up against the guys Fisher's been facing in practice all week.

    - Lane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma: The buzz has been building around Johnson's game since the middle of the season. He certainly hasn't disappointed with his solid play this week. Johnson has demonstrated impressive footwork, balance and body control while snuffing out pass rushers in drills. In one-on-one drills, Johnson's capacity to anchor and redirect rushers has earned him high marks from scouts closely monitoring his game. Given the difficulty of identifying athletic offensive tackles with great feet and body control, Johnson is beginning to look like a possible first-round pick on draft day.

    - Lane Johnson - The man who held Damontre Moore to three tackles, one tackle for a loss and zero sacks is a lock as a first-round pick after three great days of practice.

    Lane Johnson was a fringe first-rounder for me before Mobile, but being able to see his footwork and agility in person has been enlightening. The OU product's quickness and his fluid movements coming off the ball, getting to the corner and in shuffling his feet are elite. To put it simply—Johnson has elite feet.

    That he lacks strength isn't a concern—guys can always add strength. Is the foundation there—footwork, athleticism—to be a great player? For Johnson, the foundation is definitely there.

    - Through three practices, which is typically the number of practices most NFL general managers stick around to see in Mobile, here's how I rank the quarterbacks. (He ranks Landry 2nd overall, not just on the South squad.)
    2. Landry Jones, Oklahoma. Jones is behind Wilson, but by how much? For me it's close. Jones made more errant passes than Wilson over the week but he's had a number of nice deep passes. He's got a good arm for sure but it comes down to his mobility and performing under pressure. Not that Wilson has guts of steel but at least he can move around. Jones did make a nice throw to Tavarres King Wednesday with the pocket collapsing during team drills but also missed more than any quarterback on the South roster. There just seems to be more confidence in Wilson than Jones.

    - Landry Jones has a good platform to impress this week, as he's not throwing against pressure, but he's been too inconsistent. I'm not sold.

    - Landry Jones, Quarterback out of Oklahoma has really hurt his stock this week. He hasn’t shown the touch on his deep throws that you want to see at the NFL level, and has not been consistent in 7 on 7 drills. Jones often has avoided the deep throw and instead dumped it off to the running backs in the flats. Jones really needs to finish the week in practice with good, solid throws down field that will show scouts that not only can he make every NFL throw, but also that he is confident in his skill set.

    - Overall QB play for the South team was better today than in the previous two practices. The QBs started to build a better rapport with the players and as EJ Manuel told me, the QB are told to “just throw to a spot”.
    Landry also reverted to the same old thing he did in college, and that is when the play broke down he was done for. Instead of throwing the ball away or running it, he made poor decisions and threw into tight coverage. There is still time to change my mind but so far I feel that Wilson and Glennon have been the two best QBs regardless of team.
    - Other standouts from the Offensive line pass rush drills today were Oklahoma OT Lane Johnson and Louisiana Tech OT Jordan Mills. Johnson has such good movement skills for a big man. I was extremely impressed by his ability to recover and hold off the pass rush after getting beat off the snap by Lavar Edwards. Johnson has a good kick step and sets up quickly, which allowed him to recover, set up and get his hands on Edwards who was a quarter count quick off the snap.

    - Landry Jones’ performance fluctuated wildly today, and it’s becoming more apparent that he is in fact, a system quarterback. Slow to process in the post snap phase and often late to pull off of his primary, reset to his number two option and pull the trigger, Jones had multiple bad decisions today in 7-on-7’s and 11-on-11’s. When the throw is accurate, the timing is off, and vice versa for the former Oklahoma Sooner, and I question his presnap awareness at times. Though he struggled at times, Jones also flashed at times, with a few beautifully placed 9-route throws outside the numbers in the vertical game.
    - Easily the best tackle on the South roster and maybe outperformed the North’s Eric Fisher, Lane Johnson of Oklahoma showed today why he likely will work his way up to the mid/late first round. The athletic build, laterally balanced athlete showed great hand readjustments, strong hands throughout, and got great extension on the outside. He does reach a bit and his base gets quite wide at times, but he doesn’t lose with it. Combine his play today, this week, his relative inexperience as a tackle, and the versatility to play on the right or left side, Johnson has thoroughly impressed this week

    - Oklahoma T Lane Johnson is one of the clear winners for the week. He was outstanding in the pass rush drills, shooing away defenders with excellent hand placement, good square hips, and very quick feet. For someone fairly new to the position he has very sound technique, as if he never learned any bad habits. His frame has room for a little more muscle which would make him even better. I would be very surprised if he falls out of the first round.

    - Oklahoma LT Lane Johnson has shown that he's better than advertised at both tackle spots.

    - On the offensive line, guards Larry Warford of Kentucky and Brian Winters of Kent State and tackles Eric Fisher of Central Michigan and Lane Johnson of Oklahoma have been impressive in one-on-ones.

    - Quarterbacks Tyler Wilson (Arkansas) and Landry Jones (Oklahoma) both threw the ball with accuracy.
    - Lane Johnson from Oklahoma had another good day, He stoned most of the defensive lineman.

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  • Reading through the 3 days worth of articles and comments on Jones and Johnson, it's clear that:
    - Scouts aren't as sold on Landry as they are on Tyler Wilson. However, they also aren't as sold on Glennon, Nassib, Manuel or Dysert, i.e. those 4 QBs have also received criticism not unlike Jones.
    - Scouts are sold on Lane and he appears to be headed toward a 1st round pick. He's really helped himself this week.
    - ***The OU coaches did a great job teaching Lane the OT position. To go from being a HS QB, then to a TE, then DE, then OT...really an amazing story. So many of the comments about Lane talk about having great technique, footwork, etc., which was obviously taught by the OU coaches. Hopefully the OU coaches are pumping this to the remaining 2013 and potential 2014 OT/OL recruiting targets.

    Hopefully Landry and Lane have a great game on Saturday and leave a good impression with all of the NFL personnel.

  • Hmmm, maybe Bob did know what he was doing when he hired Little. Johnson didn't learn this on his own.

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    Brooke Bella

  • Thanks for sharing!

  • Hate to read the comments about LJ but they are true. Second rounder at best. He has more weaknesses to his game than you would expect from a 4 year starter. (Played most of his fresh year.)

  • http://normantranscript.com/archive/x730432688/Shinn-at-3-Jones-Johnson-getting-good-NFL-looks-at-Senior-Bowl

    Jones, Johnson getting good NFL looks at Senior Bowl
    By John Shinn The Norman Transcript

    NORMAN — Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones and offensive tackle Lane Johnson have both opened NFL eyes during practices for the Senior Bowl this week in Mobile, Ala.

    Jones is one of three quarterbacks on the South team roster, along with Florida State’s E.J. Manuel and Arkansas’ Tyler Wilson.

    “He’s had an excellent start to the week. He’s put together two solid practices,” NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah said. “When you watch his fall tape, you see he has all the tools: He’s got the size, he’s got the big arm and he can make all the throws with absolutely no question. The problem you had was: could he move around and make plays when things broke down around him? We’ve seen him do that a couple times this week. Landry Jones has helped his stock a lot.”

    Johnson, however, appears to have done the most for himself since arriving in Mobile. He was projected as a second-round pick when the draft process started.

    “He’s solidified himself after two practices as a first-round pick,” Jeremiah said. “… He’s athletic, he can kick out and cover up speed rushers and he’s also shown surprising strength to anchor down versus the powerful bull rushers he’s seen this week. He’s establishing himself as a first-round pick and is almost a lock at this time.”

    The Senior Bowl will kickoff at 3 p.m. Saturday on the NFL Network.

  • I don't disagree about the comments, but it appears that he's done some things right this week.

    As I mentioned, the good thing for LJ is that, other than Tyler Wilson, the other QBs aren't doing all that great either. The QBs in this draft remind me of a couple years ago where it was a weak QB class and guys like Ponder, Gabbert, etc. were drafted in the 1st round. I'm not saying that Landry or the other QBs are potential first rounders, but his competition is weak this year, especially compared to last year's QB class.

  • Landry reports are what most posters reported the last four years. Great throws and then a bad one and some trouble when things aren't as expected.

  • After reading these reports, seems like that Landry is all over the place. When watching the same practice, one guy is impressed and the next is not. Kind of like what I've been saying the last 2 years.

    Sometimes LJ makes you say woot

    Sometime LJ makes you say upset

  • Here's the NFL site comments on Landry and how well he is doing at the practices. Pretty positive. Says he's first round worthy and the first one to stand out at the practices. Sounds like some of the myths about Landry are being dispelled. Worth watching.

    Also says Lane is a lock first round. Guess Kittle knows a little about coaching up tackles.


  • Patton is a good offensive line coach, not great. And a very below average recruiter.

  • While Johnson really helped himself this week, just wait until the combine numbers he puts up.... I think he will have even higher grades after the combine. Good for Lane, he's making himself some money.