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ND Fan Here My Thoughts On The Game

  • Notre Dame fans, welcome to our board, and for those coming to the game, I hope you'll feel welcome in Norman. Most of our fan base is very hospitable, and I am sure you will be welcomed to join many tailgates and talk football over a cold one. Ignore the vocal minority that may treat you rudely. Everybody's got 'em, and we're no different.

    As to the game, I think a wide range of outcomes is possible (yeah, I know, that's not a very bold or helpful prediction). A few thoughts:

    1) Some of our posters are underestimating ND's front 7. KSU is a terrific team, but ND has much better athletes up front defensively. KSU didn't have a Nix or a Tuitt, and certainly not a Te'o.

    2) Our OL has shown big-time improvement this year, especially in the past couple weeks. This, however, will be the biggest test of their manhood they will face all year (at least until our bowl game).

    3) IF they can create holes and find a way to average 5 yards per rush (currently we're at 5.9 on the year), we should move the ball effectively. IF they can keep Landry relatively clean and consistently give him time, he'll thrive. But the OL allowing either of these positive developments to happen is not a given.

    4) Notre Dame's secondary has out-performed expectations, but our WR corps versus that group is a mis-match in OU's favor. The key, again, is the O-Line. They've got to provide enough time for this advantage to manifest itself.

    5) I don't know what to think of Notre Dame's offense. The shuffling QB's, a passing game whose best target is a TE (maybe two best targets?). The Irish's ground game appears to be a strong, methodical 3 or 4 yards-at-a-time type, with the occasional double-digit run sprinkled in (averaging 4.76 ypc). If we can consistently get stops near/behind the LOS on the early downs, I don't think ND has the type of offense that will be poised to successfully convert many 3rd and longs against our defense, especially with our secondary being so strong. But will we have the ability to put them in those 3rd and long situations on a regular basis?

    6) If this game does become a grind-it-out slugfest with fewer possessions per team, the significance of special teams play and the turnover battle will be magnified. I feel very good about our ST play, as we are strong in coverage, strong on returns, have a great punter, and an able place-kicker. I'm not quite as confident on the TO side. We've been terrific the past three games, but ND's conservative offense likely won't beat itself, and if ND is consistently in our backfield, bad decisions could ensue.

    Back to worthless predictions, OU will score no less than 10, and no more than 56. Notre Dame will score no less than 3, and no more than 31. I'll gladly take the mid-point of those figures!

  • I think he was negligent and/or grossly negligent and I think there should be consequences for that. I don't think he wanted the kid to die or anyone to get hurt.

  • Its worth noting the 17 year old freshman for BYU had a lot of success both rushing and receiving vs ND last week.

  • Stats are stats are stats. We can recite them all day long. Oklahoma put up big points on Texas, Kansas, Florida A&M etc. Guess what, ND put up big points on the bad defenses they played too, Miami and Navy. ND doesn't have a great offense, but they have played four pretty great defenses.

    That said, Oklahoma has a pretty stout defense as well. The question will be, can the undersized, but speedy, Oklahoma front 7 slow down the run of ND? If yes, Oklahoma wins this one as Golson just isn't there yet to beat a talented secondary on his own.

    However, if ND can get a run game going, which they have the past two weeks, that will give Golson a chance to use some play action to get to the edge where he is at his best. ND has worn down the last three opponents in the second half. Can the smaller OU front 7 maintain their level of play for all four quarters?

    On the other side, ND plays a conservative cover 2, not giving up big plays, stops the run and makes teams drive 10-12 plays to score. Can Oklahoma play crisp on offense and be patient? ND has had a few broken coverages (who hasn't), but have been pretty solid in not giving up big plays and they tackle well in space when the ball gets dumped off.

    If OU can be consistent on offense, avoid sacks, penalties and drops, they'll move the ball on ND. Then it will be "BellDozer" vs. the best red zone TD defense in the nation. A good battle for sure.

    On one hand, every fan base has said "ND hasn't faced a team like us" this year, but ND just keeps finding a way to win. ND has actually played their best football on the road this year. No, they haven't scored a ton, but they've scored when they've needed to. Kelly has gotten conservative in a bunch of games in the second half and counted on the D. That may not work this week.

    I "think" ND can do enough with run game to get to 20-24 points, maybe 27 if they can hit a big pass play or two. I also think if OU plays a clean game, they'll get to 27-30. But ND has been pretty good about getting teams out of rhythm and making them play worse than they are.

    I think it is two pretty even teams with different styles. OU will try to run away from and around ND, ND will try to run through and over OU. Whoever gets their style rolling probably wins the game.

  • I'm not one to throw stones. I've made plenty of mistakes, fortunately none of which resulted in someone's death. Tough for me to judge Coach Kelly because I wasn't there. I am sure he would give up most anything to be able to replay the events of that day.

    Plenty of people criticize or Don't Respect Coach Stoops and Coach Switzer based on a poorly informed perception, but a common trait is how much they love and care about their players. Few people outside of Oklahoma would have any idea how Caring both of these coaches are.

  • Not to be disagreeable, but Coach Stoops
    did NOT mean this is our biggest game since 2000 in terms of difficulty. We have played in 3 national champ games since 2000 and many Big 12 champ games. This
    Is anticipated in terms of match ups of traditions but by no means is this the biggest game OU has played since 2000

  • I think most folks are assuming he meant biggest 'home' game since 2000. Though that is also debatable, given we hosted and crushed #2 Tx Tech a few years back. But given the brand name of ND, I'd probably agree w/ him.

  • Is it just me or is Nickel your guys base defense rewatched some highlights from the Kstate game couldnt find a full game replay, but im surprised how much you ran nickel against a running team. Could just be the highlights I saw and not the defense you were running the whole game, but seems like Stoops runs a 4-2-5 as a base and I know Jefferson is kinda of that hybrid LB/FS (btw what a player). I understand playing in the Big12 you build your defense for passing. Just curious how often are you in a 4-3? Thanks

  • This will be my favorite game of the year. Win or lose its going to be on of the greatest games. In all honesty Oklahoma has the better all around football team. Stoops is a great coach and had been around for many years. i do think Notre Dames Defense is going to cause tons of issues with your offense. I think ND offensive line is better than K state and if we give Golson time we will move right down the field. I think this game is going to be alot closer than people think. But all in all we play the game to see how good we are so congrats to the winner.

  • The nickel is our base but against Texas we ran 3 backer sets quite a bit. Against KU Joseph Ibiloye played a lot and was assigned to their TE a lot of the night. I expect a similar gameplan on Eifert.

  • Yes, "Nobody can predict anything with this game" with any certainty. But I will take a stab a some parts of it.

    It could be a close game, but being in Norman OK has to help us. It didn't help when KSU was here, but I was at that game and it was obvious we beat ourselves (not knocking KSU, they are a good, well coached team). We had plenty of opportunities to win, but we just kept missing them.

    Since then our team has found its composure. Now our offensive coaches seem to know what LJ's strengths and weaknesses are and are designing plays that put him in a position to succeed. Everyone is taking about our receivers, but I think the successful running and pass catching of our running backs Millard and D. Williams will be the key to our victory. Second to that, if it is a close game, the emergence of our punt and kickoff return game could be the difference Saturday night. ND would be smart to kick out of bounds every time they can.

    I'd say there are two ways we lose. One, if OU doesn't rush for 100 yards we lose. Secondly, if we have 3 or more turnovers, we lose. So if we can avoid those two things, I think OU wins nicely.

  • I don't agree we have a small front 7. If you say smaller LBs then yes, we go about 230 and 220 there and it's not a problem. Our DL goes 250, 315, 300, and 280, that's just right.

    If your D plays a cover 2 and keeps stuff in front then we will have a field day. Every back we have is used in the passing game on the edge or underneath. 1 FB and our top 4 backs all catch out of the backfield as a requirement of the position. We have 6 receivers who all have the strength and wiggle to break a tackle to get it to the endzone.

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  • Even if it was Kansas, OU scored 7 TDs and every one was scored by a different player.

    OU has offensive diversity that ND has not faced. That is not debatable. We have so many fast and talented receivers, we can't even get the TE involved.

  • Notre Dame is use to playing in crazy stadiums. Michigan State, and Michigan it can get crazy. Last year we silenced the crowd only to hand the game away on the last play. If anything I would say ND has the advantage playing in Normon.

  • I think you see us give up on the running game. This will be the old Kevin Wilson offense with bubble screens and wide receiver screens. Notre Dame is not going to play us with a tight man. They will want to spread those 4 linebackers out. There will be lots of hot reads. Williams I bet and Millard get lots of passes. We will go fast and will break some runs but it won't be early. Notre Dame like DeepRed said will try to keep everything in front of them. This game won't look anything like the Texas game offensively. If Landry gets any time we will kill ND. No guarantees we will get a lot of time. But since we went to more max protect we have fared better. This could be a huge game for Millard and Williams in the passing game. I think we see several hitches and the tunnel screen a bunch.

    But a word of caution against A&M the year Miller created havoc Landry struggled. Landry has to pick up which outside linebacker is rushing. Our o-line will have to play well. The key will be that we don't see a lot of the 3-4 and between Landry and our o-line we could struggle. The best way to beat a 3-4 is a good running game and utilizing the tight end. Hopefully Millard causes problems in much the same way as a tight end.

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    The two best professional rookies in 2010 and both from Oklahoma City,Oklahoma.

  • This doesn't matter when our front 7 is putting pressure on Landry. You guys have not faced our quality defense this year. And to be honest Kansas State gave you troubles. Notre Dame has proven this year that they can get it done no matter how bad we are on offense.

  • Notre Dame has not played a lot of passing teams if any. Yet they are 17th in the country in sacks. We are 75th and play a lot of passing teams. Landry picking up the zone blitz and our linemen and running backs will be a key. Landry has not done well when pressured and gets spooked. I expect Notre Dame to blitz early and try to keep Landry spooked and jittery. The Sooner fans better realize that if we don't develop some degree of run game this game will be closer than they think. The front 7 of Notre Dame is good. The good thing is that when the outside linebacker rushes Landry will try to get a hitch to the receiver who many times will have altered his route. Could be lots of passes knocked down by the rushing backer when Landry tries to throw where the backer has left his zone.

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    The two best professional rookies in 2010 and both from Oklahoma City,Oklahoma.

  • I'm not convinced that you defense is all that you make it out to be. Frankly, with the offenses you have played against, your stats should have you in the top 5 defensively. As for the KSU game, we had over 400 yds offense and the KSU offense (#11 scoring offense) scored 17, 14 in the 4th qtr. KSU did win and that win was a gift. Don't count on OU being that generous again.

    If you look at your schedule and the schedule of those teams, ND may have one quality win, Stanford, only because Stanford beat USC. The best offense you've played is Purdue at #48. OU has already played 3 teams in the top 11 in scoring offense.

    How is your front 7 going to pressure Landry with 5 receivers available. Not going to cover someone? Going to play zone with 4 guys? You do that and Landry may complete 50 passes.

    It always amazes me how many people, no matter what it is, only want to look at the pieces that support their point of view. The bottom line is that ND has an offense that is way below average and a defense that has racked up stats against below average offenses. In OU you will face the best defense you have seen all year and it is not even close and the best and most balanced offense you have played against. The OU defense has been tested against 3 of the best offenses in the nation, ND defense has not really been tested. On paper, the ND defense is the best that OU has seen but not by much. The KSU defense is very comparable. I don't see how the ND offense is going to score. If OU does not turn the ball over and give ND a very short field, they may get shutout, that is how bad their offense is and I have watched the BYU, Stanford, Michigan, Miami, and Navy games.

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  • ND has the advantage playing in a stadium where OU is 79-4 in since 99? Wow.

  • http://notredame.247sports.com/Board/87/Sooners-get-a-boost-on-the-DL-13344284

    Look at this gem of a thread. Pricks.

  • agreed if Jones is protected you win by 2 TD's if not it's close..Would love to hear each OL's strength/weakness and list of best OL with position and same goes for DL.. Our RG Golic, Mikes boy, is huge liability on the OL..

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  • OU is by far the best offense we will have faced. Care to tell me a D that OU has faced like ours? I know KSU is good, don't know how good, but you lost to them.

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  • Think you nailed it. Very interested to see if Diaco brings more blitzes/ pressure. We have rarely blitzed this year. I think we have to bring a few more bodies early to get Jones dirty. Not saying we have to blitz to get pressure, but it would be wise to do so early to get Jones out if his comfort zone. OU fans please tell me how many carries/when Bulldozer is used during game situations? Strictly Redzone or what?

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  • First, you had 386 yards vs. K State, not over 400.

    Second, what defense covers 5 WR with a 4 man zone? None I've ever heard of. ND rarely blitzes. They are able to get pressure with their DL, and only blitz on occasion.

    Sure, you can ask the question how can ND cover 5 WR's, but you can also ask how can OU protect Jones with only 5 OL? Tuitt commands a double as does Nix. Even if they don't get home, they'll affect the pocket, get Jones moving his feet which everyone knows makes him less effective.

    Of course they could rely on short quick passes, which might work. But to think that the O-Line is going to give Jones a ton of time without a RB or TE to chip ND's D-Line isn't great logic.

    Now, if somehow OU can slow the ND rush in a 5 WR set, they are going to beat ND by four TD's. But I've yet to see a lineman this year hold up Nix or Tuitt one on one, they are just too big.

    And if you want to compare schedules, what quality win does OU have so far? Texas Tech? Texas is brutally bad on defense. Kansas is 1-6. Florida A&M is 1-AA. UTEP is UTEP. I'd argue the Stanford win in just as impressive as the Texas Tech. Michigan St. = Texas and you still don't have a win as good as Michigan then, even if they aren't as good as expected.

    Don't start throwing stones at ND's "weak" schedule until you've taken a look at your own, other than Texas Tech, your aren't exactly littered with big wins or a slew of "great" defenses to make your offensive stats any more impressive. The two good defenses you've played, K. State and Texas Tech, both held you 100 yards below your average. OU's offense has beaten up bad defenses just as much as ND's defense has beaten up bad offenses.

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  • Indeed.

    I don't know why I thought ND fans had more class than that.

    Apparently they are clueless to the fact that Bob Stoops runs a clean program and does it with class.

    I would take a 1 point win, but I would love to blow them out of Norman and well out of the top 10.

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