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ND Fan Here My Thoughts On The Game

  • First off excited to play Oklahoma respect the tradition of the Sooners and have enjoyed betting on Oklahoma. Your team has won me a lot of money over the years including the last 2 weeks. By far the easiest money of the season.
    As for the game I think I speak for the majority of ND fans when I say we will find out how good we are. The crowd will be loud and both teams will be pumped up. The hype this week will be off the charts. The keys for ND. Stay in the game in the 1st half. Ive seen it many times especially when Oklahoma is at home you can blow the doors off an opp. in the first 4 possessions and when you look up its 28-0 in the 1st Qrt.
    Our strength is the DLine Nix vs your center will be a huge key. He has been playing off the charts and if can hit Landry early he's not the same QB. Tuitt is a heck of a player and KAP and Shembo are solid. Teo goes without saying but Fox and Calabrese can be the weak link at times. Im sure you guys are licking chops for our secondary, but they really have played well this season. I suspect alot of bubble screens early mixed with deep shots off play action.
    Having watched Oklahoma that past few years I have been frustrated with Jones. He looks like a heisman one week and then looks like the goat another. I know you lost 3 Olineman early in the season, but since Kstate they have look better. Not sure if you got some starters back or just have adjusted. Stills and now Brown able to play has really upgraded you WR corps. Without question Oklahoma will be the best skill player ND will faced this year so far.
    Our offense, Golson can play he just doesnt have the presnap checks. Ball security is an issue with him but he can make plays. I expect a lot of blitzing and denfensive shifting to throw off Golson.Im hoping Kelly rolls Golson alot and just allows him to make plays.
    After BYU the QB contraversy is over There was 2 camps Ive been in the Golson camp and after BYU I think the majority of Rees fans have switched. The oline seems to take a half to warm up. Our rushing in the 2nd half has actually been very good, but for whatever reason the 1st half we struggle. Eifert is the best pass catching TE in the country just throw it near him and he will catch it. TJ Jones has stepped up and Cierre Wood is our best back. Hopefully he is fully out of the doghouse and gets 20 touches this week.
    The way I look at this game is if ND holds Oklahoma under 24 we have a good shot to win. If Oklahoma scores over 30 its highly unlikely. Were hoping for an ugly game lots of punts, Forced TO's. Missed Fg's. A grind it out game. Look foward to a great game between 2 of colleges best programs. Its going to be a fun week.

  • Nice post. I just don't see how the Irish can score, since they have had trouble doing it on everyone. Don't think ND will be ready for OU's speed, either. It will help that Brian Kelly has experienced the atmosphere and the quick strike OU offense before when he brought in Cincinnati. I'm sure he will have his team as ready as they can be. I just don't see it being enough

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  • Good post. I expect a tough game as well. ND has shown itself to be a salty club with a lot of character. I don't expect it to be a walk like a lot of OU fans think it will be. ND has a D comparable to KSU and KSU was able to rattle Jones. I think Jones is playing much better now but he also hasn't faced any significant pressure since KSU. If ND is able to pressure Jones then ND will be in the game heading into the 4th qtr where ND has played excellently this year. IF ND can't pressure Jones then it should be a comfortable OU win because of OU's skill athletes.

  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and welcome to our board. OU has developed a lot of weapons on offense...I woud hate to be a d-coordinator trying to guess what we will do. Your defense is stout and has not allowed a rushing TD, and not many other ones this year. I believe this is the most potent offense you will have faced. It will be interesting to see how it goes. I do agree a key for the Sooners is to score early and often. The old stadium will be rocking and I am really glad I will be there!

  • ND hasn't allowed a rushing TD this year? I didn't know that. Bell should be the first then.

  • I'm really concerned with how Ikard will block that big ole NT. Other than that OU should cruise by 3 TDs.

  • Great post man! Finally a ND fan on here that knows football. I think your absolutely right this game comes down to can Notre Dame survive the storm early then they have a chance. However I feel even if they do that OU will pull away in the second half because I just don't think your offense will have much success against OU's D they are good and play hungry and will easily be the best your offense has faced this year. They aren't a great Dline, but a good one and the corners are outstanding in man allowing OU to use the Safeties in the run game to help the LBs the weak spot of the defense, but they have been improving. If that's the case your D will be on the field a lot and wear down in the second half. Your right about the ugly game thing as well and I think if its an ugly that tilts the game in Notre Dames favor, but I don't see an ugly game as this game comes at a perfect time for OU as they have hit their stride in all three phases of the game and are looking to make this a statement game in front of a national audience.

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    "With Nebraska trying to leave, we felt like we needed to send them out with a loss, and we did." -Ryan Broyles-

  • No body can predict anything with this game. Those guys saying OU will cruise by 3 tds is insane! We've heard the same thing from every other teams fans we play. The offense sucks and your secondary is weak ND hasnt faced an offense like yours and ND hasn't faced a defense like yours and blah blah blah. But some how the weak secondary and the defense that some people say is good but not that good still come out with a win and that weak offense scored points. You all are talking out of your a$$. You honestly think your just going to 40 points or more on ND? The most they have given up is 17 in week 2. Think with some logic people! I'm not saying ND will shut OU down but OU will not just "cruise" past ND. It will be a good game I think..they've come to far to let OU do that.

  • The first ND poster made a lot of sense. In fact, bad weather might even be in ND's favor. However, I doubt the grass will be very long. If it is an ugly game, ND has a great chance. ND has a Tough Defense and is Mentally Tough.

    On the other hand, I think we come out and go Tempo, Tempo, Tempo and try to get the ND defense on their heels. The first quarter will be critical.

    If OU can't get the Tempo going early on, then GAME ON. It will be close and could easily be like the K State game. On the other hand, if we hit a couple of big plays early, then it could easily be like the FSU game two years ago.

    NDfan20, I absolutely think we can score 40 on your defense. Not saying we will, but it is the nature of our offense. If we are on, and get your DBs guessing, we will score a lot. But if you shut us down in the first quarter, we might be lucky to get 17.

  • I think if we protect the ball we win a close one at home but I will say wether they have an offense or not they have won them all so far and that is what good teams do, they find a way to win. We also cannot under estimate their coach because he definitely has the ability to make an difference.

  • In the back of my mind, i can remember Kelley zinging off a little to Stoops when he brought his Cinci team in, and baited Stoops about the sellout there at Norman.
    Stoops mentioned yup, they've been selling out for ....x years, and Kelley quoted the (at the time) "glossy" OU at home record in a challenging? arrogant? tone of voice.
    OU killed them.
    I'm sure Kelley is super motivated. Stoops probably remembers, but with MStoops back and the defense, unless the ND defense get turnovers, OU ..after seeing Landry throw so well the last three games, probably has ESTABLSIH THE RUN in their hip pocked. I also think the Penn State transfer guy will set up OU in good field position, and Millard and, pick a running back, will have great games.
    I'm going with OU 34 Notre Dame 17.

  • This is the game in a nutshell?

    How good is Notre Dame's defense? Have they been tested really?

    Can OU protect Landry? If they can it could get ugly as our receivers you can't handle.

    Will Notre Dame wear our smaller front 7 on defense down enough and soon enough to make the fourth quarter theirs?

    Can Notre Dame run on us and win the TOP?

    This will be a classic brawn versus beauty contest. Oklahoma is fast and athletic. Notre Dame is big and strong.

    I think as in all these top games it is more about the Jimmy's and the Joe's than the coaches. The NFL type players will be the difference. I think OU has more playmakers but the front 7 on the Notre Dame defense is for real whether the Sooner fanbase wants to admit it or not.

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  • Thanks for posting! It's always fun discussing football with informed, open-minded fans. It's especially impressive when a fan of one team has knowledge about other teams!

    Oh, and ... really glad to hear that OU is winning you money!

    I agree that Nix vs Ikard Is a key match-up. That is a big boy and I'm not sure that we've faced a team this year with someone in the middle that can blow up a play. I also remember when we had that type of explosiveness in the middle of the D-line and how it could disrupt opposing offenses.

    My feeling is that we'll be able to deal with that schematically. We've been pretty successful out of sets that have two fullbacks and a tailback in the backfield. Nix will probably have to get past Ikard ... and then get past a fullback ... before he gets to Landry. I think we'll be ready to get rid of the ball quick enough to win that battle most of the time.

    If I'm wrong about that ... ummm ... this might be the "ugly" style game that works to your benefit.

    Regarding Tuitt, I think we'll be fully respectful of his skills. My thought here is that we just recently spent a lot of time planning to handle two awesome DE's at once (Okafor & Jeffcoat). We seemed to be successful at pretty much taking them both out of the game (and one of them out of the season). To me, this is where the other fullback comes in.

    The one thing you might be overlooking (understandably, given our recent past) is our ability to run. To me, on the offensive side of the ball, this is what's primarily responsible for our improvement over the last few weeks. I still think our passing game is explosive. But, the running game is opening up everything else. It's allowing us the opportunity to wear down the defense, keep the defense guessing, and make play-action work. Ultimately, it gives Landry the opportunity to throw short or deep without the defense being able to tee-off on him because they know exactly what's coming. Oh, and, by the way, D Williams can take it to the house from 95 yards out.

    I think the key to the game is whether we can stop ND's run or not. We looked awesome, IMO, against TT and the cows because we shut down their running game. But, we had trouble stopping the running game of K-State, Kansas, and even UTEP. If we had only had this trouble against K-State and UTEP, I could say it was just the early part of the season. But, Kansas was after the TT and cow game.

    If ND can run on us, they'll have the chance at making this the grind-it-out kind of game that ND wants. If ND can't run on us, OU probably wins big.

    My personal feeling is that ND will not be able to run on us (at least not in a controlling way).

  • ND HASN'T face an offense like ours. The highest scoring offense you've played is Purdue -- they're ranked 48 nationally.

    OU is ranked 5th nationally in scoring.

    And your offense arguably hasn't faced any defenses like ours.

    Two of the defenses you've played rank with us. Michigan St. is ranked 11th in scoring defense, we're at 12th, and Michigan's at 16th. But you scored just 20 and 13 points against those teams, respectively, so that's nothing to really hang your hat on.

    Also, Michigan and Mich State have been fattening up on many of the same low-scoring offenses your defense has faced. Michigan State's faced #21 Ohio State and #35 Indiana. All the rest of their opponents rank 53 or higher in scoring -- mostly in the 70s and 80s.

    Michigan faced #14 Bama (and got rolled by them), #43 Air Force, and #48 Purdue. Everyone else they've faced is in the 70s or higher in scoring.

    OU's defense is ranked 12th in scoring and we've faced three teams in the Top Ten in scoring.

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    “When most people say they are being 'realistic,' they delude themselves; they are simply being negative.” —Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

  • This.

  • Love the chance to really put ourselves back in the B12/NC hunt with a big win over a widely known but over-ranked opponent IMO. It is the perfect recipe for us. I will definitely take OU and like the ND poster said, we have been easily covering and I don't see that trend stopping yet.

  • Don't know about the goat stuff....Landry is 33 and 9 record as a starter. Don't believe the ESPN propaganda. Don't think the game will be close....Landry is going to hang half a hundred on you.

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  • I think the game will be relatively close. I'll be very happy with a one-point win, and thrilled with a two-touchdown margin. Higher than that, and I think we'll have seen turnovers play a big role.

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    “When most people say they are being 'realistic,' they delude themselves; they are simply being negative.” —Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

  • Can any ND fans posting tell me exactly what offenses they have played against so far this season that could even remotely be thought of as dynamic or explosive? OU has more highly skilled players on offense than ND wil see in its other 10 games(excluding USC) combined. That won't be an easy in-game adjustment to make.

  • Thanks for the post. Always good to read something from an informed fan. BTW, I'd take the Sooners again this week if I were you! ;)

  • Actually OU is going to score 52 and then shut it down and put the 2nd and 3rd stringers in. Then ND will score a touchdown or two. Otherwise the ND offense won't do jack. Sorry, my friend.

  • In 1999, we went to South Bend and played. It was Bob's first year. We had a two-touchdown lead at the half. We ran the Mike Leach offense with two split ends and a slot. After half, ND came out in a three deep plus they put a guy heads up on both SE's. The were using 5 guys to defend against our 3 receivers. Which means they had 6 guys in the box against our 8 guys. We could not run the ball against them. And we couldn't throw against that coverage. Texas did the same thing against us a week or two later. We lost both games. That is when Bob said we had to be able to run the ball better. In 2000, Q ran the ball. By October, Josh had a bad elbow. But we could really run the ball well by then. In the NC game, we did not throw the ball a lot. But Q ran it well. And the results were a glass football and another NC.

    I think this ND team will try something similar. I would not be surprised to see them commit 5 guys to defend the pass. We have to be able to run the ball against their six in the box. We have to neutralize their MLB. That can be done with mixed sets. Motion can also help with that. I also think we can force them into some pass coverage with their MLB against D. Williams. I like our matchup on that one. I like both our four-wide and empty backfield sets against them.

  • This is a big game for you guys, biggest since 2000 per your coach. A lot riding on this game for OU. In many respects ND is playing with house money. Nobody expected us to be undefeated at this point. I am amazed how confident the posters are on the board, I honestly have not watched many of your games so maybe your confidence is well grounded.

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  • NDfan20 said, "Nobody can predict anything with this game." And then he goes on to make prediction after prediction. Curious.

    Regardless of that head-scratcher of a statement, I'll offer a prediction anyway: OU will score 40 or more and hold ND under 21. I'm kinda thinking something in the area of the KState-West Virginia score for this one.

    You and the rest of the nation are in for a real Irish Eyes-opener.

    I am the morning DJ on WOLD

  • We're top 5 in scoring offense and 12th in scoring defense, despite facing three top 10 offenses so far.

    You're no. 2 in scoring defense, but the best offense you've faced ranks 48th in scoring.

    And you rank 78th in scoring offense.

    Our confidence is well-grounded.

    That said, we have a lousy record against ND, all-time, and anything can happen in a given game. You guys have shown a knack for doing what it takes to win. I think it'll be a hard-fought battle. If we turn the ball over, all bets are off, but we've really done that in just one game, and it's the one we lost.

    And that team we lost to? They're 14th in scoring defense (despite playing some great offenses, as we have) and 10th in scoring defense. We turned the ball over three times against them, two of them for scores. And we still lost by just five points.

    Should we be scared of the 78th ranked offense?

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    “When most people say they are being 'realistic,' they delude themselves; they are simply being negative.” —Dr. Norman Vincent Peale