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My Prediction-OU vs TCU

  • OU makes the short trip to Ft Worth this weekend fresh off of a thrilling OT victory over their bedlam rival-OSU. One of the more exciting games I've ever seen. No defense but plenty of offense. OU still has a lot to play for (Big 12 Championship and BCS bowl bid) and hopefully the team will be focused and ready to take care of business. TCU on the other hand has a chance to knock off the other "big boy" in the conference and have 2 big wins in a row to close the season. They'll be bowling and are a young team and a win over the Sooners will certainly give them momentum going into next season. One rather humorous thing about this game before I finish. I've been going to OU games for a long time (over 200 games in person) and the ONLY kickoff I missed was the OU-TCU game in 1993 here in Ft Worth. The stupid stadium is about 25 minutes from my home and I missed the kickoff by 6 minutes! Long story that I won't get into but just a bit of advice-arrive early!

    OFFENSE-OU has been on a roll lately which has been necessary because of a leaky defense. (I'm being kind here). Landry Jones has been clutch and the receivers have all been solid. OU will need that again as TCU is probably the best defense they've seen in the Big 12 by far. Patterson is his own DC and he knows defense. They've got players too. OU will find the running game practically non existent so the line will have to keep Landry upright. If he has time to throw-OU should be fine. If TCU has one weakness-it's their secondary because they haven't faced a passing team like OU. OU will not move up and down the field like they have been. The key is to score TD's in the red zone and not field goals when they get there. Most importantly-NO TURNOVERS! OU needs to score every time they get good field position. I think the defense will play better and TCU is not an overpowering offensive team like OU has seen recently but the offense will need to do their part. Keep Landry on his feet,run the ball some and stay out of 3rd and longs as TCU will definitely bring the pressure.

    DEFENSE-This much maligned group faces a little different task this week. TCU is not a powerful offensive team but they have a solid running game and their QB is a running threat also. That concerns me the most. They haven't used him to pass much as Patterson has been a little on the conservative side with him due to his inexperience. OU must stop their running game and force them into passing situations. IF they do that-they need to keep Boykin in check-don't let him scramble. Also, some 3 and outs would be nice or at least don't let TCU control the ball. As I said-the OU offense will need as many chances with the ball as they can get. Bring the pressure on 3rd and long and force some turnovers. But play solid and tackle in space!

    SPECIAL TEAMS-As always-coverage is a key. Will likely be a bit windy tomorrow. (it's pretty breezy right now). Field position will be crucial. OU needs a shorter field and TCU hopefully will be moving a greater distance on offense. Punting will be crucial and protection is also important. TCU will bring pressure on punts.

    PREDICTION-OU has the better team and the more experienced team. But TCU is playing on Senior Day, they are at home, they don't beat themselves and they have a lot of momentum going into this game. The home crowd will be a factor ONLY if OU allows it to be. In other words, there will be a lot of OU fans in the stands and unless TCU gets ahead early or OU makes mistakes allowing them to hang around, the crowd shouldn't be a big factor. It WILL be a sellout though. Standing room tickets are still on sale. Likely be the biggest crowd in newly remodeled Amon Carter Stadium. If OU stays focused and jumps ahead early and doesn't make mistakes-they should win. If OU allows TCU to hang around and makes errors-an upset likely will happen. TCU is much better than their record indicates. I think OU takes care of business but it won't be easy. I'll say OU-27, TCU-24. Enjoy the game and arrive early! (from experience)

  • The bones say OU 38 TCU 27.

  • 38-24 OU

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    That's who I am... a Sooner.

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