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Just 4 clarification........*

  • I love America!! I love our Country... I did not vote for obama.. I do not support most of the decisions he makes and I at times I do not like his comments.... Does that make me less of an American? No!!

    However, I do like Bob Stoops... I think he is a very veru good coach, but I do not like everything he says, and I do not agree with all his decisions... Does that make me less of an OU fan? Hell no!!

    a message board is to talk amongst eachother the many many different opinions that each of us have.... At one time, I too was getting sick of the trolls or the negative ones all the time.. then the last 5 months, I started to really read and pay attention to the content... The " pumpers " are the ones attacking, and calling people idiots or morons because the realists see things how they are... and or have a different opinion other than theirs...

    having concerns about our d line or linebackers are legit! you cant run from the problems we have.. the cotton bowl exposed us, well actually the cotton bowl comfirmed what we already knew... our front 7 was not good... And if we couldnt keep scoring, we would lose... thank God we were able to keep scoring against osu and west virginia, right? or maybe there woukd be more people concerned....

    now lets think about this... Giving up almost 50 points to both of those teams, even though we won the game, should be alarming... yes a win is a win is a win.... that doesnt mean that we werent in trouble... You see I read everyday by so many, including James, and esp Mike & Bob Stoops saying they just did not have an answer for johhny football.... are you kidding me? So our defense all of a sudden sucked at the cotton bowl? They did not have an answer for west virginia or osu... either!!

    it just wasnt the cotton bowl.. the cotton bowl was just a continuos display of piss poor defense!

    They could have tried to do what lsu or florida did... they could have tried to make adjustments at halftime... dont tell me you didnt have an answer! Coaches have to coach!! if your scheme is not working, then adapt, adjust, go to zone, go to a 5-2, try something please!!

    now back to me being an Oklahoma fan.. I watch games with 15-20 people and if I go to games, I talk with tons of people. Most have legit gripes and concerns... Some here just want to be positive all the time..thats cool! Whatever floats your boat!

    but to think you are a better OU fan than me because Im not happy with our recruiting, MY OPINION.... Or Im not happy when our coach says hey we finished 15th... yay!! or to suggest that all these whiffs we are getting at positions we should be getting commitments from, isnt good.... yes they are whiffs.. no way to spin it! Just say, yes they tried, however shipp or kish couldnt seal the deal!!

    please, im not saying ou sucks, or the coaches suck... im concerned with our dline and lb for next year and the years to come.. Im concerned that our off coirdinator has all week to prepare but during gametime, our offense can not get the play on time... this happens all the time!

    so feel free to down vote.. feel free to hate.. but my opinion is just an opinion and perhaps instead of playing the holier than thou game or the hate speech game, lets talk civil, ask questions, and try to understand the issues!

    God bless

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  • I find the term "realist" to be patronizing and inane. People claiming to be "realists" need to understand that some people just don't have their manhood and personal reputation with their sad circle of friends tied to the performance of teens and young adults on a football field. We all love watching our Sooners. Some of us just have more perspective than others.

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  • cesooner.... I say realist because im not sure how to describe other than being a pumper. no disrespect was intended!

  • No doubt.

    A self proclaimed "realists" tried to tell me that OU should finish in the top 5 every year.

    Of course in the real reality, no program has finished in the top 5 for more than a few years in a row in the modern era of football - much less "every year".

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  • Great post.
    Huggins is in better shape than a year ago. I wish I could say the same thing. I still doubt he is on campus next fall.
    Mike can coach defense but he can't give a kid size which is what our defense needs. By the way his teams at Arizona never played good defense which I never understood.

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  • vbdad... That is absurd.. I agree with you that OU can not finish every year in the top 5... seniors leave, injuries happen, new talent broken in, new coaching philosophy. x ect... but even if that person, said those comments , no one should call him
    an idiot or a moron. just give the person reaons that I just gave and im sure other reasons, and let him think about them!

  • Why is it that most who are obsessed with angst regarding the program wish to appropriate the term "realist" to only that point of view? Both sides are "opinionated" and few are really "realistic".

    BTW, I don't believe Bob Stoops ever said he was satisfied. However, he isn't going out and firing everyone or throwing out methods that have made OU the most consistent program for the past dozen years.

    Critical opinions are fun, controversial and great for board traffic. However, let's not confuse it with real critical "analysis" of cause and effect. Any monkey can regurgitate certain "facts". However, context is critical. Text without context is just pretext.

    To me, the biggest negative on this and many boards is that the SAME harsh and usually negative criticisms litter EVERY thread and turn it into a cesspool, not a discussion. If you say it is a beautiful day because the sun is shining, there are about a half dozen who will immediately and forcefully tell you you are a pumper that we will in the near future have a horrible hail storm and that if we turned our house in a different direction we would have the same environment as southern California. HUH? And then another thread is immediately started that says we have a horrible house, it faces the wrong way, the car is broken, we need a new washing machine, and it all is so screwed up it will hail tomorrow unless mom divorces dad and weds Warren Buffet.

    Why can't there be a little fun and optimism? This is FOOTBALL. A GAME. A kids game. It is entertainment. Why is it necessary to poison EVERY thread and try to constantly attack the coaches and players? We all know some changes need to be made, but we have NO idea of what is actually being done. Those of us who refuse to see impending doom aren't stupid. We can see the same surface level issues.

    We live in a great state. We support the flagship university with pride. It is an improving academic institution held in good regard. We have a legendary football program with 3 of the all time great college coaches. We make money and put a very good product on the field.... very good but flawed. Perfection is something to be aspired to but never achieved. If anything but perfection is viewed as failure, then I guess some will always see the Sooners as failures. I for one enjoyed the 10 wins and hated the 3 losses...so I was happy a lot more than I was disappointed. If we lose 5 next year I will not enjoy those 5 weeks, but I refuse to be miserable for the next 40 weeks AS IF we have already lost them.

  • We arent finishing in the top ten anymore. However, we usually start in the top 5.

  • . I did not vote for obama.. I do not support most of the decisions he makes and I at times I do not like his comments.

    What does this have to do w/ anything regarding OU football?

  • Your first challenge is requiring a label. Just accept a difference of opinion without "pumper" " realist" or other labels on your or others opinion. Requiring a label takes discussions off-point.

  • it was an analogy... some suggest that if a person questions bob stoops, or expresses their disgust in an opinion form, well they are not OU fans!!

  • No program except for Florida St.

    Who finished in the Top 5 for FOURTEEN consecutive years from 1987 - 2000.

    I'm a real adult fan, not like all you other spoiled babies. You don't know anything about me, but I can make wild accusations about you.

  • gyrene

    Many others have addressed the lower part of your post pretty well already but have not touched on this first portion.

    Let's think back to the former president, one by the name of Bush. Many good Americans voiced disapproval of his actions leading to tens of thousands of lost lives and I think rightfully so. But think back to how those Americans were looked upon and treated by those who blindly followed that president's comments, actions and decisions. They were called un-American and not fit to live and vote in these United States of America.

    So, to answer your first question, just think back a few years. Especially think about what was said by you and your closest friends.... did that make you less of an American?

  • well, Im not the one who came up with these terms.. they actually do exist... pumpers is not an insult.. It is a term describing those who always try to keep things positive when things are just not positive... sometimes things arent good, and the recognition of those things that are not good are just as warranted as recognizing the good things as well.. and visa versa !!

    i read all the time how some here, mostly the positive ones will call some posters trolls . or idiots... or morons... so its not me... there are indeed 3 types of posters... glass half full , glass half empty... and those who have the ability to recognize the half full is ok but the half empty is terribly bad.. most can do the latter! is this Oklahoma program at rock bottom? heck no far from it... but if things do not get better, do not improve, if recruiting doesnt improve, #.8 is not in the near future!

  • The TRUTH shall set you free..................I love OU too.

  • While i agree there is to much negativity, posters can't have it both ways.

    Stop confusing insults with criticism. Calling someone an idiot or condescending remarks or backhanded jabs isn't criticism. It's an emotional response because someone doesn't share your pov.

    To make it sound like only certain group of people are negative isn't being fair and it's not telling the whole story.

    Some post are started just to needle the "doomers".

    I'm a real adult fan, not like all you other spoiled babies. You don't know anything about me, but I can make wild accusations about you.

  • You are taking shots at people the same way as you claim the OP is doing.

    Pot.... Kettle.... Kettle..... Pot

    "The way I figure it, everyone takes a beating..."

  • There is a difference between being concerned and recognizing a need for some change, and being constantly and prolifically negative and disparaging. And yes, there is a certain group to whom angst is a constant.

    We can agree that our defensive personnel and schemes weren't a good match this year. But we don't have to agree that the way to solve it is to fire everybody and start over. We would all agree that we have a better shot of being better if we sign 5 d-linemen who are 6-3, 340# and run a 4.8 and whom everybody agrees is the best in the country. What we don't agree on is that our coaches are bums if they don't agree to come here. Can and should the coaches do better...of course. But to constantly disparage them is not right or helpful imo.

    There is no excuse for name calling or being rude. But to poke fun of some of the obviously ridiculous comments or the cascade of them is just to easy to pass up when they have such thin skins. Sorry.

  • I'll admit when I'm wrong, I forgot about the FSU run when the rest of the ACC was extremely weak most years except for maybe one or two "OK" teams, with FSU a level above the rest of the conference.

    It doesn't change that I'm wrong - but I will say if the BCS existed then some of those would not have been top 5 finishes. Their SOS was relatively weak due to their conference, and in 6 of those years they had 2 losses. And another year they had a loss and a tie. In '91 they squeaked in the top 5 with an 11-2 record ahead of Bama who finished with one loss out of the SEC (given the SEC was not as dominate then).

    They certainly had a great run and won a ton of football games during that time - but it's worth noting they finished undefeated just once in that span of 14 seasons.

    So, you score a point - you found the exception.

    But now please tell me - given the current landscape of college football with the BCS and in the conference we compete in - do you have the expectation that OU should finish in the top 5 every year?

    The last thing I will point out is that I know some FSU fans. And they were convinced in the early 2000's that their dynasty would continue because "they were FSU". They would be fine after Bowden, because it should be easy for any decent coach to win there. And then reality slapped them in the face. Winning football at a high level is not easy.

    So, should OU finish in the top 5 for a decade straight? Every year as long as Stoops is getting paid big money? Forever - post Stoops and beyond? What is reasonable in your mind? I'm honestly curious - not trying to start an argument.

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  • Actually I was just pointing out that only one team has done it. Nothing else to it.

    But they had an exceptional run, regardless of the circumstances. Not to mention all the major bowl games they won.

    If you go back and read my post on expectations from a few months ago, IMO finishing in the top 5, 5 out of 10 years IMO is reasonable, especially given that OU wins the Big 12 so much.

    Is it unreasonable to think the Big 12 Champ, should finish in the top 5, at least half of the decade?

    I'm a real adult fan, not like all you other spoiled babies. You don't know anything about me, but I can make wild accusations about you.

  • I really love OU too, but I don't share the posters political views. This is for all things OU get that post off of here.

    "It's better to have tried and failed than to never have tried at all." FDR

  • I am so glad you didnt put your dress on and vote for obama

  • Another winner for IRLOU. Guess what buddy, we don't really know _____ about recruiting and your opinion is just as good as the wino's down the street (or mine for that matter) when it comes to recruiting.

    It's like EVERY COACH I've ever heard has said, with maybe ONE, or TWO exceptions you don't know how a kid is going to play until he straps on the pads.

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  • I would certainly hope the conference champ finishes top 5 at least half the time, or even more. But there will typically be a tough bowl game so maybe half is about right.

    But OU isn't going to win the conference every year (sadly), so I'm not sure if a top 5 finish at least half of the time is a reasonable minimum expectation for the Sooners, in my opinion. I want the "goal" to be to win it all every year, but I also understand a lot of great programs are chasing the same goal.

    For the record, I'm frequently called a "pumper" because I object to the way the criticism is presented on this board all too often, and also because I choose to not get upset over stuff I can't control.

    But I assure you that doesn't mean I'm "happy" or "satisfied" with losing and especially with our D getting lit up. It's just that I'm still convinced Stoops has another run or two in him, so I hope I'm right and wait patiently for it to come around again. Maybe I'm wrong - none of us know that for sure and we'll all find out over time.

    Since I ultimately have no control, I'll choose to celebrate every win (got to do that 10 times this year - its been worse) and I'll recover quickly from every loss and move on. If that makes me a "pumper" then so be it.

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