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FWST Rates the 2008 Recruiting Classes

  • The FWST in today's paper had a good article on the 2008 signing classes of the Big 12 South (no longer). It showed the ratings on NSD (according to Rivals.Com) and then how they turned out 5 years later according to production points. I won't list all the criteria here but basically, players got 1 point if they became 2nd team on the FWST All Conference Team or AP All Conference Team (Big 12 or SEC because of A&M), 2 points if they were first team on either conference team, 3 points if they were POY, 4 points for All-American, etc up to 8 points for a Heismann Trophy Winner.

    Here are the rankings after signing day in 2008:

    1) Oklahoma (6th nationally by Rivals)
    2) Texas (14th nationally by Rivals)
    3) Texas A$M (16th nationally by Rivals)
    4) Oklahoma St. (26th nationally by Rivals)
    5) Texas Tech (45th nationally by Rivals)
    6) Baylor (51st nationally by Rivals)

    Now, here are how the rankings ended up after the production points were factored in. I'll list players who contributed points along with other "noteables" and how many points each team ended up getting.

    1) Oklahoma St. 25 points (no 5 star signees-Justin Blackmon-WR, Quinn Sharp-K, Lane Taylor-OL, Markelle Martin-S, Brodrick Brown-DB. Other notables-Nigel Nicholas-DL, Isaiah Anderson-WR, Cooper Bassett-DL, Johnny Thomas-DB, DeJuan Davis-OL)

    2) Baylor 14 points (no 5 star signees-Robert Griffin III-QB, Kendall Wright-WR, Terance Williams-WR. Other noteables-Lanear Sampson-WR, Jarred Salubi-RB, Nick Florence-QB, Ben Parks-K, Michael Williams-CB)

    3) Texas 7 points (no 5 star signees-Emmanual Acho-LB, Kheeston Randall-DT, Justin Tucker-K, David Snow-OL, Aaron Williams-DB. Other noteables Blake Gideon-DB, Luke Poehlmann-OL, Dravannti Johnson -LB, Tre Newton-RB, DJ Monroe-WR)

    4) Texas A$M 5 points (no 5 star signeeds-Cyrus Gray-RB, Jeff Fuller-WR. Other Noteables Terence Frederick-DB, Trent Hunter-DL, Tony Jerrod-Eddie-DL, Joe Villavisencio-OL, Tommy Dorman-QB)

    5) Oklahoma 3 points (5 star signees Jermie Calhoun-RB, RJ Washington-DE, Stephen Good-OL. Contributors-Landry Jones (2 points), Tress Way-P (1 point). Other noteables David King-DE, Dejuan Miller-WR, James Hanna-TE, Ben Habern-OL, Stacy McGee-DL)

    6) Texas Tech-0 Ponts (5 star signees-none. Noteables-Seth Doege-QB, Cody Davis-DB, Cornelius Douglas-WR/DB, Harrison Jeffers-RB, Donnie Carona-K.

    As you can see, OSU and Baylor's rise was largely due to the success of players in this class. OU's fall from the national rankings (but not within the conference) was due to a lot of players falling short of expectations especially the 3 five star players-the only team who signed any. Texas also has had some down years after this class. With all of the complaining about coaching-from this it appears that OU achieved more out of their class with "less" as far as production than any other team in the Big 12 South.


  • My thoughts? We need to recruit better players.

  • 2008 may have been one of the best classes on paper Stoops has signed but it turned out to be one of the worst. Amazing how many misses we had in that class. Probably not a good sign when a punter is the 2nd best player in your class.

  • It's a must that we started landing some 6 star players.