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Bob's Off-Season of Discontent

  • If you notice, perennial winners are constantly inventing or creating stressors in their competitive lives. Jordan, pre-hyrdrant Woods and Saban were and in the latter example are creating situations--real or imagined--that inject stress or strife in their or their team's paths. These people know that winning is about attitude and the will to prepare fanatically for their endeavors. No question they are or were at the upper end of their respective fields' talent base, but they knew their edge was that they were willing to do what the other guys would not in preparation for their games, matches, whatever.

    Bob did not do this for his squads when we were on a good run, instead I think he relied on the construct that he had a system that worked and that only idiots mess with a well-running machine. He was well within his bounds to do so and had and has enough goodwill to survive if his beliefs turned out to be wrong. What is interesting is that he is at a real inflection point in his career. You can read it in his comments and his body language. He is no genius, but he knows football and he knows leadership (despite what some might believe). What will be cool to observe is what he does this off-season with recruiting, spring and summer practice and fall camp. He knows that this program has an equal chance of going completely off the rails as it does to get back to the NC game. As a Sooner, I hope the past couple of seasons serve as the kick in the tail and he dives back in the way he would have earlier in his career. If we don't see that from him this off-season and next year, then I think we will know that his career will be filed away with the Fulmers of the world and not with the Switzers or Wilkinsons.

  • Great post. He is paid as an elite, great coach, and he earned that. But, he is not recruiting or playing the better teams as one would expect with that salary now. This team needs major defensive talent upgrade, toughness, and to be more physical, especially on the o-line. You are right, he will either do what great coaches to and evaluate and make necessary changes, or he won't. It's up to him what his legacy will be.

    Don't whine about beaches, Bob -- hire great recruiters.

  • Agree with both posts. I don't have an issue with his pay. But, everyone (including him) needs to remember... He is paid to be elite, period! If he doesn't want to be elite, cut him back to 2 mil/yr and continue the current path of easy 9-10 win seasons. Or go coach at Iowa...

  • I have no issue with his pay, whatsover, as long as he keeps OU among the elite.