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247 updates happening now

  • Noah 2499 posts
    We're going to be pushing the new features to the database tonight around 11pm ET. We're going to try to do it without having to take the site down, but I wanted to at least warn you that it may happen.
    For those wondering what this push contains, I've typed up some quick bullets on the release below. I'm really proud of the entire team. They juggled this while continuing to progress on our top priority, board rewrite, and complete a number of other non-RDB enhancements. This release is the first time our new platform gets a true chance to combine with our editorial depth and shine.... and it's all on your mobile device too.
    Here's a quick rundown in no particular order:
    Recruiting Coach Rankings

    The race of the Football Recruiter of the Year may now be followed year-round. We've created a system off of the 247Composite awarding points for the commitments they are able to land and the prospects that they sign. These rankings will be based nationally and by conference. My favorite small part is we added salary (when available) to the rankings display. It's just cool to see what each coach's base salary is and how they are fairing in rankings.
    Coach Database Enhancements

    We added a lot of data to the coach's pages now. They have their current Recruiting Ranking information, along with their targets and commitments (and breakdown of whether they were the primary, secondary or keeper coach). We also went ahead and added some of the things they were missing before like their twitter accounts, age, videos, etc.
    Basketball Team Rankings

    No longer just a content item, we've gone ahead and automated hoops recruiting rankings so that they are available year-round. Not an easy formula to figure out with such a small sample size. I like it because it gives us a chance to easily expand the rankings deeper than ever before, instead of being limited by content item spacing.
    Improved Maps

    Maps version 1.0 left something to be desired ... you may not have even known it existed. Maps 2.0 is much more cleaned up version that presents a team's targets, visitors, commits & offers visually. It's in the right border of those lists, with a link to view all.
    Player Page Enhancements

    There's a lot here, so I'll break it down by sections.
    Ratings & Rankings History: It's always fun when you notice a jump, or see how a prospect has risen/fallen throughout the process, but it's hard to keep up with. That's no longer the case. We've added a history for every prospect that updates every 15 days to track a prospects ratings and rankings. I spent a lot of time looking at some of the deeper Top 247 guys from 2013 and it was definitely interesting to see them rise/fall ... stuff must would not have been able to keep up with or follow. this is the lone feature not on mobile. We'll try to fit it in in a later push if possible.
    Enhanced Recruited by Coach: Along with the Recruiting Coach Rankings we've added more details into each coach on the player page. You'll now see a green P, K, or S to signify if the coach is the Primary, Secondary, or Keeper. The amount of coach data has increased immensely because of the rankings.
    Crystal Ball: Now on each player profile there's a section where our experts predict where that prospect will commit/sign. I'm tell you, this feature is addictive to look at. Experts may change their predictions, but you'll see the date they updated it and their past prediction. I've been following it for the past month and there hasn't been a commit that the crystal ball hasn't been entertaining to look at. You may also click on the expert's name to view all of their picks and I hope to expend this one next year to involved users. Almost forgot, this tool allows us to ask experts from other networks to make their prediction too. Should be fun seeing the different perspectives.
    Skills: Nice right border feature that rates each prospect in eight skills based on their sport/position. Just another way to see what the experts are seeing.
    Age: This is fairly new, so you may not see many right away. After a tweet from devidee to lucky, about showing age, we went ahead and finally displayed it on the player page. Birth date wasn't the right display, so devidee's tweet about age made much more sense. It's in there now and should begin to appear. devidee doin' work son!
    More video: We're no longer limited to Youtube. It's not fancy, but we may link to basically any other video on the internet. It will spawn a tab and show it to you. Would love for it to stay on the page, but in order to give you everything you may want, it made sense to open it to all.
    More photos and articles on player page: You asked for it. We added it. Nothing much more than that.
    Other small changes: We moved tweet mentions, fixed and added a few mobile features that were not there before and straighten up the look of stats.
    Ranking Trends

    It's always nice to see who is making moves in the rankings, and because our rankings update at least daily it was hard to keep up with over time. We've now added a new column to the right of a recruit's, school's or coach's rank to tell you how far they've moved since the last update (we'll run an update every 15 days). If you need more than that for recruits, you may click on their profile to see the full history.
    Other Notes

    There were a bunch of additional enhancements we made that don't necessarily need calling out, but in case you're interested:
    Right border relevancy We've removed the content module and added football or basketball recruiting related modules to the right border of rankings.
    Fly-out info: Those blue arrow to the right of prospects, schools and coaches in the rankings now have data that is less likely to be duplicated and makes sense for the ranking.
    Mobile Menu - Added hoops: Our new mobile menus now include links to all of the rankings and recruiting information for hoops too. Click on Recruits and choose the Basketball tab.
    Pagination on search: Fixed the pagination so that page two actually does show you the second page of results.
    More hoops conferences: Our hoops team rankings include basketball conferences and not just football conferences.
    Inactive coach display: You're probably saying what? This just shows a white P, K, or S when you're looking at a coach's page, it tells you there's another coach from his school also recruiting the prospect and if that coach is the Primary or Secondary.
    Coach rank role: When looking at the coach rankings, it was hard to tell if a coach was a primary, secondary, etc. We added a little note at the bottom of each column where the coach has kids listed to let you know the breakdown. If you want to know the specific breakdown, you may click on the coaches profile and look at his commits. For past years, click on the right arrow for that coach on that ranking and click the See All ## commitments link.
    I'm sure I'm skipping a number of things, but needless to say there were 100's of moving parts and a lot of hours put into it. It's never been fully tested live, so I know there will be things that will need to be tweaked, but I'm very excited to see you get a chance to look at it and enjoy.
    Again, we'll begin around 11pm ET. We're not planning on talking the site down, but things do happen when you push this much code. I'll probably be on for a few hours after the push and the editorial team will be here in the morning to answer any questions. As always, I really appreciate your support and feedback on this push.

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    Boomer Sooner!!!!

  • Crystal ball is a pretty bad ace feature. I like that the analysts have to nut-up and pick a team, and then those predictions can be tracked to see who is the prognosticator-general for 247!

  • Agreed. The track for recruiter of the year will be pretty awesome as well.

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  • Love all the updates in this push!

    Just wish they would've addressed the VIP issue...

  • I'd love to have full access to all sites, but appreciate that at least I can now read all articles put out by other sites and their reporters (just not posts).

  • Oh week I guess it one small step at a time!