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College Rankings

  • From Tulsa World:

    OKLAHOMA CITY - A national ranking of colleges and universities showed mixed
    results for institutions of higher learning in Oklahoma.

    U.S. News and World Report's 2013 Best Colleges report was released Wednesday.
    The report ranks schools nationwide based on a number of criteria, including
    selectivity, graduation rates and average freshman retention rates.

    All of Oklahoma's three national universities remained the same or moved down in
    this year's rankings. The University of Oklahoma was ranked at 101st out of 281
    universities, the same ranking the university received in 2012.

    Both Oklahoma State University and the University of Tulsa moved down in rank -
    OSU from 132nd in 2012 to 139th in 2013, and TU from 75th in 2012 to 83rd in

    Original Print Headline: College rankings for institutions in state are mixed

    OU's policy of granting big scholarships to National Merit scholars has resulted in OU being ranked 101. OU should review this policy. Is OU using scholarhip resources effectively?

    That said, I am skeptical of the magazine's ranking process.

  • I've noticed many of your posts are critical of the National Merit Scholarships, I'm just curious why you are against them?

  • In my opinion, OU could use the same amount of money to give more scholarships at smaller amounts. For example, instead of one $30,000 scholarship, give six $5,000 scholarships. OSU and Arkansas are getting some real good students who considered OU. They follow the money.

    Texas does not try to match OU. It's about return on investment. I think OU should recruit more good students. Continue to offer scholarships to the great students - just not lavish amounts.

    Other alternatives: OU should match good offers to NM students, but avoid the lavish amounts. Maybe $15,000 to the National Merit kids. That's enough. And OU could compete for more of the good B + students. Students that we are losing to OSU and Arkansas.

    Boomer Sooner

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