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Weekend Wrap-Up by Alan Hitchcock

Copyright by James Hale, Alan Hitchcock, ‘J.R.’ Ross, Tony Sellars, Andrew Ford, Chris Joseph and the reporting staff.

Coaching Changes Shake-up College Football . . .

Whether it's official or not, Mike Stoops is back at Oklahoma.

Contrary to reports that Mike would be returning to OU after his dismissal from Arizona earlier this fall, Stoops says it was far from a done deal until earlier this week.

"There were a lot of details to work out, and I had to decide what I wanted to do as well," Stoops said.

"Naturally, I can't say that i didn't think about it, but Bob didn't have a vacancy and there were contractual issues that had to be resolved with Arizona before I could decide anything."

Among the options were several offers from top programs nationally. Ohio State, Nebraska and Texas A&M made a push for Mike, with OSU being a serious contender.

"Bob talked to Urban a couple of weeks ago and let him know I was interested in OSU. I spent a day and a half there, but decided that I'd be most comfortable being at OU with some great friends, three guys are still there that I started with in 1999, and coaching with Bob.

"Going back to OU is a natural fit for me, coaching with Bob and the other guys there. Oklahoma has a chance to win a National Championship every time they step on the fireld, and that’s very important to me as well."

One Sooner assistant supported Mike's story and denied that his return was in the works all along.
"If it was, Bob wouldn't have called Urban and forwarded Mike's interest to him," he said. "But when Willie (Martinez), decided to look at Illinois and Auburn, there was an opening and things began to fall into place.'

With Mike quickly filling the one empty seat, and after Jay Norvell turned down the OC job at Wisconsin last week, only the status of Brent Venables remains in question as he has been offered the DC job at West Virginia.

However, we can emphatically report that Venables talking with the Mountaineers has nothing to do with Mikes' return to Norman. Venables and both Stoops brothers are extremely close, and we know Bob sought and received Brents' 'OK' before making the move to bring Mike back.

The issue here is compensation. Venables receives a ball-park $ 400,000 at OU, and the West Virginia offer is around $ 650,000 annually for three years.

The Mountaineers are desperate to acquire the defensive knowledge to counter the high powered offenses of the Big 12 to avoid embarrassment as they begin play this fall. The Sooners may have stumbled a few times this fall, but Venables' defenses at OU have been the best in the conference over a multi-year period as versions of the spread were becoming established at conference schools..

We do know that Bob Stoops is lobbying to make up the difference and keep Venables. And we expect that he will and that Brent Venables will remain at OU.

Team News . . .

Defensive tackle Torrea Peterson, a RS freshman who two weeks ago planned to transfer, has had a change of heart over the holidays and asked for permission to return. That permission was granted, and Peterson will be back for the spring semester with a new dedication and new attitude.

Jackie Shipp loves Peterson's ability, although he was frustrated by Peterson's propensity to acquire nagging injuries all fall. You can bet that Shipp has made a plea for Torrea to play through the minor stuff from this point forward.

Bob Stoops also likes Peterson's upside, but threw in a few unspecified 'do-betters' as a condition to his return.

Stoops expects the next few months to be energizing with spring practice and the arrival of the 2012 class in June.

“We will find out, because from now to September is a long time. We have a huge recruiting class coming in that will virtually make up a third of our team. I think that's good, so we will see.”

Stoops also expects that several current freshmen will make a move in spring ball and compete for playing time next fall.

“Off the top of my head we think Jordan Phillips at tackle can help us next year, Frank Shannon at linebacker, and we like Aaron Franklin as well and he was a redshirt freshman this past year. Quentin Hayes is a young safety that we really like. Bennett Okotcha is a young corner in our program that we feel can be really good. Nila Kasitati is a talented young offensive lineman and you saw how talented Kameel Jackson is. We have a number of good young players in our program and will bring in some more with this next recruiting class.”

Recruiting 2012 . . .

Recruit List: Projected - 26 / Committed Prospects - 17

Kyle Marrs, (6-6 / 308 / 5.2), San Antonio, (Brandeis), TX – Committed to OKLAHOMA
Alex Ross RB/LB, (6-2 / 213 / 4.5), Jenks, OK – Committed to OKLAHOMA
Sterling Shepard ATH, (5'10, 160, 4.47), OKC, (Heritage Hall), OK – Committed to OKLAHOMA
Daniel Brooks, ATH, (5-9 / 180 / 4.4), Port Lavaca, (Calhoun), TX - Committed to OKLAHOMA
Laith Harlow, TE, (6-5 / 230 / 4.7), Tallahassee, (Godby), FL – Committed to OKLAHOMA
Eric Striker, LB, (6-1 / 198 / 4.6), Seffner, (Armwood), FL – Committed to OKLAHOMA
Durron Neal, WR, (6-1 / 194 / 4.5), St. Louis, (DeSmet), MO – Committed to OKLAHOMA
Ty Darlington, OC/OG, (6-3 / 275 / 4.9), Apopka, FL - Committed to OKLAHOMA
John Michael McGee, OG, (6-4 / 262 / 4.9), of Texarkana, TX - Committed to OKLAHOMA
Trevor Knight, QB, (6-3 / 193 / 4.6), San Antonio, (Reagan), TX - Committed to OKLAHOMA
Charles Tapper, DE (6-3½ / 240 / 4.6), Baltimore, MD - Committed to OKLAHOMA
Chaz Nelson, DE (6'2, 235, 4.6) of Garden City CC, KS - Committed to OKLAHOMA
Derrick Woods, WR/DB, (6'1, 185, 4.5), Inglewood, CA - Committed to OKLAHOMA
Brannon Green, TE, (6’4 / 260 / 4.7), Ft. Scott CC, KS; (HS: Altamont, KS) - Committed to OKLAHOMA
Kevin Peterson, CB/RB, (5'11, 170, 4.49), Wagoner, OK – Committed to OKLAHOMA
Kazz Everett, CB, (5-11 / 180 / 4.5),Pierce CC, CA - Committed to OKLAHOMA
Taylor McNamara, TE, (6-5 / 232 / 4.65), San Diego, (Westview), CA – Committed to OKLAHOMA

The Sooners now have seventeen commitments and expect to sign as many as 25 or more prospects, including the three JC's that are enrolling early. Those three will count against last year, as will Trey Metoyer and Jordan Wade, who both will be joining the Sooner team next week after sitting out the fall semester working on university enrollment requirements.

“We can sign more than 25 this year if we want to count some back,” said Coach Stoops. “We only signed 14 or 15 last year so we can count some back this year. For players to come in early we need a graduating senior to graduate at semester to open up that scholarship, but if players are not coming in at semester and come in later in the fall we can count back as many as we have spots left on last years class up to 85 total on the roster."

OU has six players that will enroll at semester, but only one is a true high school senior this year, (tight end Taylor McNamara). Coach Stoops knows that not all players are cut out to come in at mid-semester ending their high school career a semester early.

“I don’t encourage it and I wouldn’t say I like it either way,” said Coach Stoops. “For some guys it's good if they have the maturity and they can really handle it, but for some other guys I think it is too overwhelming. Maybe they don’t have the academic base; they don’t have the maturity emotionally because I think it is a lonely position for a player to be in.

“There's no question that some guys don’t like it. It sounds good -- but then when they're there they are like, 'Jeez, this is a lot of work!' They realize they don’t have 20 other guys like me to talk about it. and I think in the past we have lost a few players because of that, because they just weren’t able to handle it.”

Willie Martinez departure did impact DeVante Harris, the cornerback from Mesquite, Texas who 'de-committed' after hearing that Martinez would not be at OU next fall. OU coaches (Stoops and Venables), will attempt to talk with Harris in person and have three weeks to present their case.

With 17 commitment solid, the Sooners could add as many as eight or nine more names to the 2012 class. Here are the high school seniors that the Sooners are actively pursuing as of this day, including new comer Michael Onuoha, of Edmond Santa Fe, who was offered last week

Nelson Agholor, WR, (6’2, 188, 4.45) Tampa, (Berkeley Prep), Florida
Zach Banner, OL, (6-9 / 325), Lakewood, Washington -- great conversations
Brandon Beaver, DB, (6'1' /185 / 4.5), Compton, (Dominquez), California 20th
Colin Blake, CB. (6’3, 178, 4.39), San Antonio (Brandeis), Texas
Sam Grant, TE, (6'5 / 230), Lakewood, (Saint Edward), Ohio
Dorial Green Beckham, WR, (6'5, 205, 4.43) of Springfield (Hillcrest), Missouri
Kyle Kelly, DE (6-3½ / 226 / 4.6), Irvine, (Woodbridge), California
Akeel Lynch (5'11 / 205 / 4.5), Attica, (St. Francis), New York
Michael Onuoha, DE, (6’6, 235, 4.6), Edmond Santa Fe, OK
Aaron Porter, OLB, (6'2 / 230 / 4.7), La Habra, California (UCLA commit)
Sean Price, TE (6'4 / 232 / 4.86), Citra, (North Marion), Florida
Dalton Santos, MLB, (6-2 / 238 /4.6), of Vann, Texas
David Smith, RB, (6-1 / 196 / 4.4), Midlothian, (Bremen), Illinois
Avery Young, OT ,(6-6 / 281),Palm Brach Gardens, FL

Nelson Agholor, WR, (6’2, 188, 4.45) Tampa, (Berkeley Prep), Florida. This top receiver is still in contact with OU and maintains that he’ll decide after his visits to USC and Florida State. Jay Norvell did see him last weekend.

Zach Banner, OL, (6-9 / 325), Lakewood, Washington. James Patton has nearly put all his eggs in Banner's basket, as far as remaining high school seniors. Banner is down to USC, OU and Washington. He is expected to make a decision this week. Before doing so, James Patton will try for one more in-home visit.

Brandon Beaver, CB (6'1' /185 / 4.5), Compton, California now has an OU offer after showing genuine interest at the Army All America game. He is scheduled to visit OU on the 20th which will be his fifth visit. Nebraska, Washington and Cal are his leaders, although he’s been offered by 18 schools, including most of the Pac-12.

If DeVante Harris remains de-committed, the Sooners will have to make up the loss with Beaver, who is equally talented, and bigger than Harris, and also fairly confident about his play:

“I'm pretty physical at the line of scrimmage and I'm more of a boundary corner type of player,” said Beaver. “I have great ball skills and I'm always trying to make a play on the ball. I'm always aggressive and attacking on the snap. I don’t shy away from competition and want to face the best receivers. The most fun I have on the field is when I am locked up with a great receiver and I'm taking him out of their offense. I love that challenge every game and look forward to it.”

“Great challenges will bring out the best in you,” said Beaver. “That's why you play the game. You play the game to compete and if you are going to play in the secondary then you better be ready to compete because the other team is always going to have a good receiver and a good quarterback.”

“Nebraska is like Oklahoma with their tradition,” said Beaver. “That is a great place to play football and they have a good academic program. Washington is a great school and they have a great coach in Coach Zark (Steve Sarkisian).

“OU has a great opportunity for me,” said Beaver. “You have a school that is always winning so it would be a great opportunity to be a part of that. Coach Venables told me that they had a great opportunity for me, but he said that I needed to come in physically and mentally ready to compete when I get there, because he said the best players play.

Colin Blake, CB. (6’3, 178, 4.39), San Antonio (Brandeis), Texas is a Texas A&M commit, and now finds himself in the same position as he is with A&M, unsure of who his coach may be. The Sooners still have a decent chance here, and you can bet that Blake will be a huge item on Mike Stoops first week agenda.

Sam Grant, TE, (6'5 / 230), Lakewood, (Saint Edward), Ohio was the lone visitor to Norman last weekend. Grant has a slew of offers, including: Michigan, Indiana, NC State, Syracuse, and would have more if he had not committed to BC earlier.

Grant went home following the visit and wanted to talk over his visit with his family and discuss his situation before talking publicly to the media or making an announcement of any kind, but said he would try t o decide something in the next week or two.

Dorial Green Beckham, WR, (6'5, 205, 4.43) of Springfield (Hillcrest), Missouri is now down to OU, Arkansas and Missouri, despite some false reports that he had eliminated OU and was looking at Texas and Arkansas.

Coach Norvell and Coach Heupel plan to be in his home this week, and Bob Stoops will use his one visit the following week. Current Sooner commits continue to stay in touch as well, sending and receiving text messages and phone calls.

One reason that DGB and his family remain tight lipped to media members is that they want his announcement to be something special at his school on signing day. Because of this, we do not anticipate any 'hints' coming from him, or the family, before February 1st.

Kyle Kelly, DE (6-3½ / 226 / 4.6), Irvine, (Woodbridge), California is thought to be heading back to Arizona, where he first committed, after visiting OU on the 16th of December. The Sooners still are in the hunt, but it's getting late.

Akeel Lynch (5'11 / 205 / 4.5), Athol Springs, (St. Francis), New York. OU offered last week and will bring Lynch in next weekend for an official.

“Coach (Cale) Gundy just reached out to me on Facebook and added me,” said Lynch. “I just sent a message to him because it was unreal that Oklahoma had me on Facebook. He told me that he needed some running backs due it some unusual circumstances at his school, and he said that he watched my film and he said he loved it. He said Coach (Bob) Stoops did too and that he was going to come up and see me.

“I couldn’t believe it when Coach Gundy came by to see me. He told me about the situation that they had at running back and he went over who they already had there. He told me about the great tradition at OU, the academic support system and what Norman was like. He told me that Oklahoma City was only 15-miles away. He asked me about my character and what my goals were, and it was a good conversation between us. The fact that OU is recruiting me is definitely exciting.”

Penn State has also jumped into the mix, and Lynch will visit State College as well before making a decision between OU, Iowa, Boston College and now Penn State. .

“Boston College and Iowa are two great schools. Both bring awesome things to the table, but Oklahoma is Oklahoma, and they are just one of those schools that I just have to take a look at.”

Lynch was due in Norman this weekend but a travel conflict has pushed that visit back until mid-week.

Michael Onuoha, DE, (6’6, 235, 4.6), Edmond Santa Fe, Oklahoma was offered late last week and will visit after a stellar senior year when he recorded 87-tackles, 18-tackles for loss, six quarterback hurries and 13 sacks. The OU staff became very interested after a staff member attended a Santa Fe basketball game and reported that another look at Onuoha would be in their best interest.

OU coaches would like to see Onuoha, who says tha he is 'always aggressive on the field,' become slightly more so in the classroom. However, Sooner coaches believe that he can and will, as he is on track to qualify and now has motivation.

“I'm visiting Missouri on January 20th and OU on the 27th,” said Onuoha, "After those two visits I'm going to know what I'm going to do."

Aaron Porter, OLB, (6'2 / 230 / 4.7), La Habra, California is still talking with OU. The UCLA commit could visit in the next two weeks.

Sean Price, TE (6'4 / 232 / 4.86), Citra, (North Marion), Florida may still be planning to visit, but an offer from Georgia this wee seems to have caught his attention. Price is visiting Arkansas this weekend, and was scheduled for South Florida (1-20-12) and then OU (1-27-12), but may take a visit to Georgia instead.

Price also has offers from Miami, LSU, Iowa State, Michigan, Notre Dame, North Carolina, Florida and Florida State, and has been reminded by those schools that the Sooners already have committed two tight ends in this class.

Dalton Santos, MLB, (6-2 / 238 /4.6), of Vann, Texas remains committed to Tennessee during their coaching upheavals, but OU will still attempt to convince him that he can play in the Big 12 at middel linebacker.

David Smith, RB, (6-1 / 196 / 4.4), of Midlothian, Illinois is another late season surprise after rushing for for 1,028-yards on just 108-carries as a junior and averaging over nine yards per carry as a senior. Smith can bench 275, squat 465 and has run a 10.6 100-meters in track and he is explosive at the line of scrimmage.

Although over-looked by most recruiting experts, 27 college coaches thought enough of his play to offer him a scholarship, with more coming in weekly.

"Mainly, the recruiting process has been humbling,” said Smith. “It is a blessing really and mainly I'm just thankful that so many schools want me to play for them. I never dreamed that I would have this opportunity, but I'm proud that my hard work is paying off and I have earned this opportunity."

Smith has taken visits to Purdue, Cincinnati, West Virginia and Boston College and he will take his final visit to OU this upcoming weekend.

“I'm just searching for a home away from home really,” said Smith. “I'm trying to get that family feel and that's very important to me. It doesn’t matter where the school is located because even if I was only a half hour away or an hour away I wouldn’t come home all the time. So I feel like even if a program is five hours away, it's all the same really. As far as playing time goes no matter where I go will have to compete still, and I'm ready for that.”

Avery Young, OL (6-6 / 281), Palm Beach Gardens, Florida still talks about OU visiting, expecting to see Bob Stoops and Jay Norvell in his home. Young does not seem to be under any pressure to visit anywhere in the next few weeks, so mark this one down as 'unusual.' Still most people expect him to chose between Auburn and Georgia, but literally anything could happen here.

No Longer on the Board . . .

Stephon Diggs, ATH, (6-1 / 190 / 4.4), out of Olney, Maryland could not make a visit date and says his last two visits will be to Auburn and USC.

Alex Kozan, OL (6-4 / 295), Littleton, (Valor Christian), Colorado was visited by Bruce Kittle last week, but the offer came too late for Kozan to get serious about OU.

"I loved the offer that I got from Coach (Bruce) Kittle and Coach (Bob) Stoops but it is just to late for me to consider another program," said Kozan. "I am ready to get this over with and I am going to choose among Ohio State, Michigan, Iowa and Auburn. I really respect the Oklahoma program but I hope to make a decision this week and it is going to be from those four schools."

Kyle Murphy, OL, (6-6 / 290 ), of San Clemente, California says he likes Stanford, USC, Oregon and Florida, and will not have time to visit OU.

JC Recruits . . .

In addition to the three JC's signed so far, (Chaz Nelson, DE (6'2, 235, 4.6) of Garden City CC; Brannon Green, TE, (6’4 / 260 / 4.7), Ft. Scott CC and Kazz Everett, CB, (5-11 / 180 / 4.5), Pierce CC), here are the remaining JC prospects that Stoops is talking about:

Damien Williams, RB, (6’0 / 210 / 4.45), Western Arizona CC #1
Courtney Gardner, WR, (6-3 / 215 / 4.5), Sierra CC, CA
Marion Grice, RB, (6’0, 215, 4.5) of Blinn CC, TX (A&M commit)
Menelik Watson, OL, (6-7 / 320), Saddleback CC, CA
Terrell Mitchell, TE (6'6, 245, 4.6), Ft. Scott CC, KS

Without a doubt, Damien Williams the 6’0, 210, 4.45 running back from Western Arizona CC, is the biggest recruiting target on offense outside of Dorial Green-Beckham. Williams rushed for 1,931-yards and 26 touchdowns, and added four more TD’s through the air this season, becoming the top running back in JC football nationally.

Ideally, Gundy wants Williams and one more high school senior. That would give him three juniors next year, (Williams, Clay and Finch), and two freshmen, (Alex Ross included).

Williams will visit Arizona State first, and if the Sooners survive that, they'll have a good chance here.

Courtney Gardner, WR, (6-3 / 215 / 4.5), Sierra CC, CA. The junior college version of Dorial Green-Beckham is a soft commit to Arkansas. The Sooners will try to secure a visit next weekend.

Marion Grice, RB, (6’0, 215, 4.5) of Blinn CC, TX. Grice is an A&M commit that has everyone in the country looking at his transcripts. If he can graduate, Grice looks to be ‘Big Time’ -- but first things first.

Menelik Watson, OL, (6-7 / 320), Saddleback CC, CA. Watson became an OU prospect after concern over several high school prospects mounted. He is a real possibility and is also being courted by Auburn, Cal, Washington, Florida State and Oregon. But like Avery Young, Watson is not that deep into recruiting yet, but will be a huge possibility of the Sooners do not get Banner.

Terrell Mitchell, TE (6'6, 245, 4.6), Ft. Scott CC, KS has tow mountains to climb. One a totally healed knee, the other, a few more hours of credit in order to be college eligible. If he clears both, look out!


Recruiting Watch List 2013 . . .

Projected 20 - 21 / Committed 0

As the OU staff winds down the 2012 class, most of the recruiting activity will now shift to 2013. Here are the juniors that the Sooners are most interested in as of this date. Traditionally, many more will be added to this list in April, as the Sooner staff goes coast to coast to evaluate prospects in person. (^ Indicates an OU offer has been given, or will be shortly).

Sooners assistant coach Josh Heupel made a trip to Wayne, Indiana to see junior QB Kevin Olsen last Thursday, and that visit put the Sooners in the hunt for Olsen, who some say will be the nation's number one quarterback next year.

Olsen and his dad, (and coach), may expect an offer from OU to be forthcoming, but if it does, it would be the earliest offer that Heupel has ever made to a junior quarterback.

And too, Heupel likes Tahlequah's Brayden Scott, (6-3 / 205 / 4.6), and Olsen would have to be something special to take over the top spot on OU's QB chart this early. Scott is totally overlooked by many recruiting 'experts' -- but Heupel loves everything about the Tahlequah junior. and we suspect that he and Olsen would be offered around the same time.

Gerry Hamilton reports out of Dallas that junior wide receiver Jake Oliver (Dallas/Jesuit) has cut his list of schools to Texas A&M, Arkansas, Ohio State, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Texas and TCU. The 6-foot-3, 195-pounder will attend junior days at Texas A&M January 28 and Texas February 12.

The Sooners have begun making plans for their first 'junior day' to be held Saturday, February 4th. It will be the first weekend when schools may extend 'official' scholarship offers.

Quarterback – Projected 1

J.T. Barrett, QB, (6-2 / 205), Wichita Falls, (Rider), TX
Jacob Burtch, QB, (6-1 / 197 / 4.7) Seminole, TX
Trent Hosick, QB, (6-2 / 221 / 4.6), Kansas City (Staley), MO
Jordan Darling, QB, 6-5 / 225 / 4.8),Waco, (Midway), TX
Kevin Olsen, QB, (6-3 / 195) Wayne, (Wayne Hills), NJ
Brayden Scott, QB, (6-3 / 205 / 4.6), Tahlequah (Sequoyah), OK
Kohl Stewart, QB, (6-5 / 195 / 4.7), Houston, (St Pius), TX
Cody Thomas, QB, (6-4, 200) Colleyville, (Heritage), TX

Receivers – Projected 1 -2

Marcell Ateman, WR, (6-5 / 200), Wylie, (East), TX
Jordan Cunningham, WR, (6-2 / 185 / 4.4), Fort Lauderdale, (University), FL
Jamar Gibson (6-2 / 190 / 4.5), Baytown, (Sterling), TX
Derrick Griffin, WR, (6-7, 209), Rosenberg, (Terry), TX
Brandon Harris WR, (6-1 / 175 / 4.5), Cedar Hill, TX
Quan Jones, WR, (6-4 / 196), Wylie, TX
Armoni Lanier, WR, (5'11 / 180 / 4.4), Garner, NC
Eldridge Massington, WR (6-2 / 220 / 4.5), Mesquite, (West), TX
Gary Moore, WR, (6-6 / 221 / 4.5), Clarksville, TX
Jake Oliver, WR, (6-3 / 195 / 4.6), Dallas, (Jesuit), TX
Staurt Polk, WR, (6’3, 180, 4.5), Tahlequah (Sequoyah), OK
Jaevon Richardson, WR, (6-1 / 170 / 4.5), Baytown, (Lee), TX
Dubois Ross, WR/CB, (6'0, 165, 4.4) Banger, PA
Ra Shaad Samples, WR, (5'11 / 165 / 4.53), Dallas, (Skyline), TX
Quan West, WR, (6-5 / 200 / 4.5), Willis, TX

Offensive Line – Projected 4

*Robert Boyd, OL, (6-4 / 295 / 5.2), Vian, OK
Darius James, C/OL, Killeen, (Harker Heights), TX
*Dorian Miller, OT, (6-3 / 276 / 5.0), Metuchen, NJ
Tristan Nickelson, OT, (6-8 / 285), Leauge City, (Clear Falls), TX
*Heath Nowland, OL/DL (6-3 / 300), Edmond, (North), OK pending
Kent Perkins, OT, Richardson, (Lake Highlands), TX
Ross Pierschbacher, OT/DL, (6'5, 277, 5.2) of Cedar Falls, IA
*Jake Raulerson, OT, (6-5 / 250), Celina, TX
A’Shawn Robinson, OT, Fort Worth, (Arlington Heights), TX
Ishmael Wilson (6-5, 275), Dallas, (Bishop Dunne), TX

Defensive Backs – Projected 3 - 4

Dakota Austin, SS, (5'11 / 165 / 4.4), Lancaster, Texas
Trey' VonneBarre, ATH, (5'10 / 170 / 4.5), Jenks, OK
Will Barrow, CB (5-9 / 161 / 4.5), Dallas, (Skyline), TX
Braden Calip, DB (5-9 / 181 / 4.5), Jenks, OK
Teriyon Gipson, CB (5'9 / 168) Dallas, (Kimball), TX
Marcell Harris, S, (6-2 /193 / 4.5), Groveland, (South Lake), FL
Devonte Johnson, DB, (5-11 / 160 /4.4), Tulsa, (East Central), OK
*Leon McQuay, S (6-2 / 180 /4.5), Seffner, (Armwood), FL
Kameron Miles, LB/S, (6-2 /202), West Mesquite, TX
Taion Sells, S, (5'9 / 170 / 4.5) Irving, (MacArthur), TX
Trevon Smith, CB (5'8, 170, 4.3), Edmond, (Santa Fe), OK
Darrell Songy, S/LB, (6-1 /205 / 4.5), Pflugerville, (Connally), TX

Defensive Ends – Projected 1 - 2

*Jonathan Allen, DE, (6-3 / 221), Ashton, (Stonebridge), VA 12 offers
*Kenny Bigelow, DE, (6'3, 280, 4.8), Bear, (Red Lion Christian), DE
Tashawn Bower, DE, (6-5 / 231 / 4.7), Somerville, (Immaculata), NJ
Marrick Charles, DE, (), Destrehan, LA
*Elijan Daniel, DE, (6-4 /250 /4.7), Avon, IN
*Jason Hatcher, DE, (6-1½ / 235 / 4.5), Louisville, (Trinity), KY
Colton King, DE (6'2, 224, 4.6) Mesquite, (Horn), TX
*Alquadin Muhammad, DE, (6-4 / 228 / 4.6), Don Bosco Prep, NJ
Robert Nkemdiche, DE, (6-4 / 262 / 4.6), Loganville, (Grayson), GA
Cameron Stapelton, TE/DE, (6'2 / 225 / 4.7), New York, (Poly Prep), NY
ViliLeveni, DE, (6-5 / 225 / 4.7), Hurst, (Bell), TX

Linebacker – Projected 2 - 3

*Su'a Cravens, LB, (6-1 / 205 / 4.5), Murietta, (Vista), CA
*Michael Hutchings, LB, (6-2 / 210 /4.5) Concord, (De LaSalle), CA
*E.J. Levenberry. LB (6-3 / 230 / 4.6), Woodbridge, VA
Russell Murphy, LB, Saginaw, TX
Brett Wade, LB (6-2 / 220 / 4.7), Kennedale, TX
*D.J. Ward, LB/DE (6-4 / 230 / 4.6), Lawton, OK
*Paul Whitmill, OLB/RB (6-0 / 200 / 4.5), Bastrop, TX
Chad Whitener, OLB (6-0 / 194 / 4.6), Mansfield, TX
Kahlee Woods, LB (6-1 / 220 / 4.6), Sherman, TX

Athlete (multiple positions) – Projected 2 - 3

Kalen Elia, TE/DE (6'1, 205, 4.6) Mesquite, (Horn), TX
Keith Ford, RB/ATH (5-11 / 195 / 4.5), Cypress Ranch, TX
Ja’Taveon Green, ATH, (5-9 / 160 / 4.4), Garland, TX
Ellis Jefferson, WR-RB, (6-4 / 190), from Denton, (Guyer), TX
Ashon Mayze, ATH, (6-0 / 175 / 4.4), Arlington, (Seguin), TX
Devonte Moore, (5-9 / 160 /4.4), Lexington, (North Davidson), NC
*Dorian O’Daniel, OLB-RB, (6-1 /188 / 4.5), Olney, (Good Counsel), MD
*Jake Oliver, S/WR, (6'3, 190, 4.45), Dallas, (Jesuit), TX
*Devin Rolen, RB/LB, (6'-1 / 220 / 4.7), McAlester, OK
Dru Smith, QB/ATH, (6'0 / 175 / 4.5), Mesquite, (Horn), TX
Devon Thomas, RB/ATH, (5-10 / 190 / 4.5), Broken Arrow, OK
Dontre Wilson, RB/DB/ATH, (5-10 / 163 / 4.4), DeSoto, TX
Alan Shumpert, ATH/DB, (6-2 / 210 / 4.5), Tupelo, MS

Tight End – Projected 1

Adam Breneman, TE, Camp Hill (Cedar Cliff), PA
Derrick Griffin, TE (6'6 / 220 / 4.6), Rosenburg, TX
*Hunter Henry, TE (6-5 / 235 / 4,7), Little Rock, (Pulaski Academy), AR
Sam Laptad, TE, (6-4 / 218 / 4.7), Jenks, OK
Christian Morgan, TE, (6-4 / 255 / 4.7), Plano, (Prestonwood Christian), TX
Anthony Miller, TE (6'4, 250, 4.6), Overland Park, (Blue Valley), KS

Defensive Tackle – Projected 1 - 2

*Justin Manning, DT (6-3 / 278 / 5.0), Dallas, (Kimball), TX
*Greg Webb, DT (6-2 / 290 / 4.9), Erial, (Timber Creek), NJ
Dominique Woods, DT, (6-1 /285), Dallas, (Skyline), TX

Running Back – Projected 2

Aaron Baltazar, RB, (5-10 / 185 / 4.5), Chula Vista, (Eastlake), CA
*Greg Bryant RB, (5-10 / 195 / 4.5), Delray Beach, (American Heritage), FL
Justin Davis, RB, (6-0 / 180 / 4.5), Stockton, (Lincoln), CA
Derrick Green, RB, (5-11 / 228 /4.6), Richmond, (Hermitage), VA
Jamel James, RB, (5-11/215), Katy, (Cinco Ranch), TX (Arkansas)
Adam Taylor, RB, (6-1 / 200), Katy, TX
*AlteeTenpenny, RB (5-11 / 200 / 4.5), North Little Rock, AR
Cameron Wrenn, RB, (5-11 / 177 / 4.5), Broken Arrow, OK
Wayne Gallman, RB, (6-1 / 195 / 4.5), Loganville, (Grayson), GA
Lorenzo Woodley, RB, (6-0 / 190 / 4.5), Miami (Columbus), FL

Recruiting Watch List 2014 . . .

Here are some of the young prospects for 2014 that have already turned heads in the Switzer Center.

These and many other top sophomores will be invited to OU’s prospect camp in June, and will get closer looks from the Sooner staff there. We expect many more names will eventually join these over the next sixteen months as the Sooners usually offer somewhere between 90 – 110 prospects in each class nationally.

Prospects may not be ‘officially’ offered until the class in front of them signs, (February 2013). The sophomores that OU has on their early radar screen for 2014 include:

Andy Bauer, OL-DL (6’5 / 278 / 5.2), St. Louis, (DeSmet), MO
Brad Ivey, LB, (6-2 / 205 / 4.6), Shawnee Mission, (Midge), KS
Cedric Collins, DB/ATH/WR (5’8 / 170 / 4.4), Dallas, (Skyline), TX
Deshaun Watson, QB, Deshaun Watson, QB, (6-3 / 200 / 4.6), Gainesville, GA
Devon Thomas, RB, (5-11 / 190 / 4.5), Broken Arrow, OK
Dominique Little, RB, Lawton, OK
Jakari Dillard, ATH, (6-4 / 185), Princeton, TX
Jalen Tabor, DB/S (6-1 /170 / 4.6), Washington, (Friendship Academy) D.C.
James David, LB, (6-2 / 210), Rockdale, TX
Justice Hansen, QB, (6-3 / 190 / 4.5), Edmond, (Sante Fe), OK
Landon Root, QB, (6'2 /185), Wichita, (Kapaun Mt. Carmel) KS
Nick Harvek, Lancaster, TX
Tyrus Barrett, OT (6-2 / 280), Dallas, (6-2 / 280), TX
Xavier Turner, RB Birdville, TX

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