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Weekend Wrap-Up

Copyright by James Hale, Alan Hitchcock, Mike DellaVecchio, Dave Hunt, ‘J.R.’ Ross, Tony Sellars, Andrew Ford and the reporting staff.

Offensive Staff Looks To Spring . . .

With only two weeks remaining before spring drills begin, we will take a closer look at what offensive coaches have agreed to work on and why, and next week we'll do the same on the defensive side of the ball.

For several weeks we've reported that establishing a tight end is priority one on offense. We won't know a lot until players put on pads after several days in the spring, but so far JC transfer Brannon Green, (6-5 / 268), has looked good.

"I'm probably most like Brody Eldridge, similar size, good blocker -- but I'd like to be like Eldridge and Gresham combined, good hands and be able to block, that's my goal here," Green said.

This spring Green will rotate with freshman Taylor McNamara (6-5 / 235), and RS freshman John-Phillip ('J.P.') Hughes, (6-4 / 245), a walk-on out of Tulsa, Edison. The coaching staff compares Hughes to Trent Ratteree and have praised his attitude and work ethic.

McNamara probably needs some time to adjust to college life and D1 football, as he graduated early and by all rights should still be in high school. However, he was rated as one of the best tight ends in the country last fall and has the talent to 'catch fire' and make this a race by summer.

Seven weeks ago Landry Jones met with Bob Stoops and Josh Heupel and the trio discussed the pros and cons of Jones returning or announcing for the NFL draft.

Obviously, the Sooner coaches preferred that Jones return, but also were honest about where NFL scouts projected him in the draft, should he decide to go.

On Jones' part, he was open to returning and challenging for championships, but also was concerned that he be given the opportunities to improve his fundamentals and enhance his draft status for next year and requested that he be under center more often if he did return.

That request was apparently granted, although the proof will not be evident until fall. At the moment, the coaching staff projects him to spend about a third of the time (on average), under center. It's not just selfish motives that are at work here as Jones fully believes that more snaps under center will help the offense, specifically in play action.

Jones also fully knows that he is not a running quarterback, but feels like he has at times been too restricted and forced to stay in the pocket when his 'survival instincts' encouraged him to escape an impending disaster. This fall we expect that some of those restrictions will be lifted, and that Jones will have more latitude and not be forced to eat a 'pigskin sandwitch' when things do break down.

As to enhancing his skills, Jones is likely to spend his spring break working under an NFL caliber tutor instead of heading to the beach. Josh Heupel has enough personal confidence to allow Jones the opportunity, and we expect that Jones will do so.

Locked into a neck and neck race behind Jones are junior Drew Allen (6-5 / 240), and sophomore Blake Bell, (6-6 / 257) was resurrected OU's short yardage run-game last year in the 'Bell Dozier.'

The coaches have a dilemma here as both players are exceptional team members and they want to see both earn playing time.

One solution that addresses the both the QB and tight end concerns will be to experiment with Bell at tight end some this spring.

However this does not mean that Bell is moving permanently to tight end, only that at the moment the Sooners are short there and Bell could provide a lot of options if he were lined up at tight end in some third down situations.

OU OL Coach James Patton

If so, the Sooners could employ the up-tempo if that down resulted in a fourth and short, as Bell could simply line up in the Bell-Dozier and the defense would have no opportunity to substitute to stop the run without burning a time out.

We do not expect to see the back-up quarterback race decided until August, but if Bell emerges as the winner, Allen says he's staying regardless.

Allen has settled into college life at OU, has many close friends on and off the team, and still believes that he has the skills to catch on as a back-up in the NFL, even if he never starts at OU; realizing that a back-up NFL quarterback has the best job in America, earning millions to hold a clip board on the sidelines, often without breaking a sweat, (not to mention any bones).

RS freshman Kendal Thompson, (6-2 / 190), should not be dismissed as he was also expected to compete for the back-up job this spring, but is still not begun to throw after a shoulder injury. Thompson has purposely rested the arm and hopes to be ready when drills start in two weeks.

Early this fall the Sooners were rolling, ranked number one in the BCS when the injuries quickly began to cripple a potent offense. At the time Jones was thinking it would be his last year, and one reason was that he did not expect the O-line to be as good this fall.

However, just as the injuries mounted at receiver and in the backfield, the offensive line suddenly began to mature. In fact, the Sooner coaching staff believes that they will have more depth and talent there this spring than at any time since the by-gone days of Mark Mangino.

But first James Patton will try to find a center as senior Ben Habern will sit out spring resting a neck injury. Patton knows that the easy answer there is Junior Gabe Ikard, who is becoming invaluable along the front line. But Patton also sees Ikard as his best guard, and would like to try several other candidates there this spring as well.

Two of those will be junior Bronson Irwin, who has suddenly become a player to be reckoned with, and RS freshman Nila Kasitati. Those two, along with Ikard, could wind up at center or guard, but regardless both will challenge to start and their progress and competition could be the best show of the spring.

OU's Trey Franks

Throw senior Tyler Evans and sophomore Adam Shead into the mix and you have a tremendous pool of talent to man the inside positions.

It's unlikely, but we can not rule out a red-shirt year for Irwin if hew fails to win a starting spot. Patton can almost guarantee that Irwin will be a starter by next fall, but says a redshirt decision for an older player is totally up to the player.

Coach Patton admits that he probably should have redshirted Irwin in his freshman year, but thought that Bronson showed so much potential then that he decided against it, and too the Sooners were not as deep at the time.

At tackle, Patton believes that sophomore Daryl Williams and senior Lane Johnson are his best duo, but will take a hard look at sophomore Tyrus Thompson (LT) and RS freshman Derek Farniok on the right side before massive JC transfer Will Latu, (6-5 / 330), arrives this summer to challenge for a starting spot. Farniok, no small bag of potatoes himself at 6-10 / 345, came on strong in late fall and Patton sees plenty to get excited about there.

Temporarily Grounded . . .

Injuries took their toll of the OU offense last fall and we will see the lingering effects this spring. The coaching staff understands that depth is near the bottom of the barrel at running back and receiver, and does not expect to see major progress from either unit in spring.

The receiving corps will be woefully thin this spring before a bevy of talent arrives this summer. Jay Norvell and the Sooners will go through spring with only six bodies: juniors Kenny Stills, Trey Franks and Jaz Reynolds; freshman Trey Metoyer, sophomore Kameel Jackson, as well as junior Joe Powell, who has had a brief career at corner put on hold to add depth at receiver.

Reynolds was not expected to participate in spring, but as we reported three weeks ago, has received medical clearance and should be fine. If he can regain the edge he showed last year in mid-season when a string of one handed catches became almost routine, he will give the Sooners the outside talent they need.

OU's Dom Whaley

Stills has his eye on the NFL after this fall, and after a brief flirtation with complacency, has looked like the Kenny Stills that we saw at Florida State last September in informal team workouts.

The slot will be up for grabs, at least temporarily, between Trey Metoyer and Trey Franks.

Franks has the speed, but has yet to show the consistency needed at receiver. Metoyer, originally due last summer, comes in a day late and a dollar short after a fall spent in purgatory at Hargrave Academy. If he can master the routes, he could easily become a starter by fall.

Cale Gundy is also waiting for a few good men next fall, but most of all, for the complete recovery of Dominique Whaley, who just shed his 'boot' this week and will begin running soon.

In the meantime Whaley will sit spring out and juniors Brennan Clay and Roy Finch will get most of the snaps at running back, but watch out for RS freshman Danzel Williams, (5-8 / 186), who could also be the story this spring.

The coaching staff saw Williams as a standout corner prospect at Arlington Martin, but promised him a chance of offense. It will be a huge spring for Williams as he will try to exhibit the skills that made him a dominant force in high school. If he shows well, he could be a hard man to move out of the way next fall.

Of course we, (and Stoops), always get around to talking about junior Trey Millard at fullback, but we never see him get the carries when the curtain goes up. That probably won't change, but that does not mean that Millard is an afterthought among the coaches. Millard is one of the unsung heros wearing crimson and should petition to join the O-linemen anytime Jones feels that a 'thank-you' dinner is in order.

The coaches have no choice but to work with the bodies available this spring, but the Sooners are so limited here in terms of immediate depth that it will affect what they can do, and how they will look, this spring.

It's Not Over 'Till It's Over . . .

Recruits have until April 1st to sign a national letter of intent and the Sooners added a valuable weapon this week in the signing of Jack Steed, (6-5 / 200 / 4.8), of Katy, Texas.

Steed, primarily a quarterback in high school, flew completely under the recruiting radar this fall but not out of the sight of Cale Gundy and Bob Stoops, who saw a potential All America punter in the lanky Texan who had an astonishing 56 punts over 50-yards and showed his 'touch' as well with 37-of-57 punts downed inside the 20-yard line.

“Coach Gundy talked to me for the first time the spring of my junior year,” said Steed. “He started to watch me throughout my senior year and he really started to talk to me, and he began to show more and more interest, and I took my official visit during December."

'I averaged about 40-yards a punt this year and was just really punting for the first time. I have just really started to work on my punting for the first time and I have a strong leg that I feel will allow me to be a good punter in college. I was able to place punts inside the 20-yard line a great deal of the time and that kept my average down."

The Sooners had initially suggested that Steed to gray-shirt for the fall semester of 2012 and report for the spring semester of 2013, but it appears that the parties have agreed to let Steed enroll as a walk-on in the fall and go on scholarship as soon as senior Tress Way graduates.
Steed will practice with the team this fall, suit up for home games but at this time does not expect to be on the travel roster.

“I know I am going to learn a lot from Tress as well, and other specialty guys up there. I'm very excited about it."

He also intends to put on some weight on a frame that is already 6'-5..

"Hopefully, when I get up to Oklahoma I'll put some weight on, because that has been a challenge for me. I've not been able to put on a whole lot of weight, but for a punter I think it is a big advantage to have a big frame.”

You also have to think that Bob Stoops will give Steed a hard look as the holder on extra points, as it never hurts to have a quarterback who can wing it on a surprise play or errant snap.

A&M vs OU Incident Initiates Rule Change . . .

When a Texas Aggie defender last fall repeatedly decided to 'lose' his helmet in order to slow down OU's up tempo offense, it was hardly seen as an accident. After several incidents involving the same player, an official told him to leave the game and fix his equipment before returning.

Now, that type of nonsense won't be just a suggestion, but mandatory.

This week the NCAA approved a new rule that will require a player who loses his helmet during a play to leave the game for one play.

The suits in Indy also decided to change the kick-off rules, first moving the kick-off from the 30 up to the 35 yard line, and also moving the initial line of scrimmage up 5 yards to the 25 after a touch-back. The changes, (which also limits the running start by players on the kicking team to 5 yards), were put in place to make the game 'safer.'

In what will surely be the most abused rule to 'consistently call it fairly', the NCAA also said that players will now be prohibited from leaping over blockers when trying to block punts. (Does that mean leaping over an entire body, or an extended arm or leg? The rule is hardly clear).

Get ready. We suspect that we'll see this obscure and hard-to-define penalty called on the Sooners in the Cotton Bowl extending a three and out into a scoring opportunity by our favorite friends from the south. If not then, how about giving the Irish another chance in late October?

Recruiting Watch List 2013 . . .
Projected 20 - 21 / Committed 0

There were 18 additional offers made this week, a significant number, but not approaching the 25 that were extended last week in what may have been a record. Some of the offers are 'officially' waiting for Bob Stoops to present them in person, when the Sooners hold another 'Junior Day' on March 3.

The 18 new offers went to:

Alex Anzalone, OLB, (6-3 / 220 / 4.6), Reading, (Wyomissing), PA
Ra Shaad Samples, WR, (5'11 / 165 / 4.53), Dallas, (Skyline), TX
Ty Issac RB, (6-2 / 215 / 4.45), Joliet, (Catholic), IL
Antwan Davis, CB (5-11 /180 / 4.4), Bastrop, TX
Maurice Smith, CB, (5-11 / 180 / 4.4), Sugar Land, (Dulles), TX
Dontre Wilson, CB/RB, (5-10 / 163 / 4.4), DeSoto, TX
Deoundrei Davis, LB, 6’2, 210, 4.6, Cypress Woods,TX
Erick Huhn, LB/S (6'2 / 190 / 4.6), Cibilo, (Steele), TX
Shane Jones, OLB (6-1 / 215 / 4.5), Cincinnati, (Moeller), OH
Courtney Love, OLB, 6-1 / 215 / 4.6), Youngstown, (Mooney), OH
Jordan Sherit, DE, (6-4 / 240 / 4.7). Tampa, Hillsborough), FL
Garrett Sickels, DE (), Little Silver, (Red Bank), NJ
Wyatt Teller, SDE, (6-5 / 255 / 4.9), Bealeton, (Liberty), VA
Darius James, C/OL, (6-5 / 319 / 5.0), Killeen, (Harker Heights), TX
Darius Latham, OT, (6-5 / 270 / 4.9), Indianapolis, (Central), IN
Kent Perkins, OT, (6’5, 300, 5.2), Richardson, (Lake Highlands), TX
Ethan Pocic, OT, (6-7 / 280 / 5.2), Lemont, IL
Dan Skipper, OL, (6-10 / 280), Arvada, (Ralston Valley), CO

OU is trying to get tight ends Jerimiah Gaines, (6-3 / 240 / 4.7), of Red Oak, Texas and Durham Smythe, (6-5 / 227 / 4.7), of Belton, Texas on their March 3rd Junior Day when both will receive 'official' offers from Coach Stoops, but both have been 'unofficially' offered and we will count them at this time.

Linebackers appear to head the list in this week's offer parade, and on Wednesday, one went to Youngstown outside linebacker Courtney Love, (6-1 / 215 / 4.6), who plays at Cardinal Mooney, Bob Stoops' alma mater.

Ironically, the Bob Stoops (Champions) Foundation provided the funds for Love's scholarship to Mooney, long before he became a recruited player, and it was Stoops who spoke with Love on Wednesday.

“He was basically saying he wants me to come down to check it out and he said they’re very interested in me,” Love said. “He likes the way I play on film and he said I’m a tough guy and I’m the player they need. I told him I want to check it out because he’s from Mooney, and because of that I know what he brings to the table.”

“His father coached my Dad when he was in high school,” Love said. “It means something to get an offer from Coach Stoops not only because he’s a Mooney guy, but because he’s a great person. He comes from a great family.”

As a junior, Love had 137 tackles, eight sacks and four forced fumbles in helping lead Mooney to a state championship. Love had a great junior season. He helped lead Cardinal Mooney to the Division III state championship and a final record of 11-3. Love made 137 tackles including eight sacks. He forced four fumbles and recovered one which he took the distance for a score.

Love admits that Ohio State is his current favorite, but he also is aware of the Stoops heritage at Mooney and the ties that his family has had with them.

Another Ohio linebacker received a Sooner offer, Cincinnati Moeller's Shane Jones, (6-1 / 215 / 4.5), says the offer from Oklahoma on Wednesday “felt a little different,” than the previous ones he has received:

“It did because it’s a place that year in and year out is always competing for Big 12 championships and National Championships,” Jones explained.

“It’s a place with a lot of tradition and they’ve had some good linebackers come through there so we’ll see.”

Jones denies a leader at this point. He’s taken recent visits to Cincinnati, Ohio State and Kentucky, and this Saturday he’ll head up to Michigan State, and plans to visit Michigan in March.

“I just really want to get out and see these schools that have offered,” Jones said.

The Sooners also reached across the Ohio border to offer Reading, Pennsylvania's Alex Anzalone, (6-3 / 220 / 4.6), who Mike Stoops sees as a proton-typical outside linebacker.

Closer to home the Sooners extended an offer Houston linebacker Deoundrei Davis at powerful Cypress Woods High in Cyrpess, Texas where he will be a three-year starter and has always been a ringleader on defense at the SAM-backer, and at times at deep safety.

“He's an explosive player,” said Woods Head Football Coach David Jones. “He is athletic and plays out in space real well. He has a great desire to compete and he is a very competitive young man. He plays extremely hard from whistle-to-whistle, and he will play 48-mtinues for us. He doesn’t let up and he hates to lose. He is a young kid as he is only 16-years old, and he is going to graduate at 17-years old. So he has a lot of growing left and he is going to be a pretty special player.

“I think at the next level he could grow into a middle linebacker, because he is only going to be bigger and faster once he gets into the weight room in a college program.”

Davis runs the open 200M on the track team and he can bench 245 and squat 365-pounds. He has also posted a 33-inch vertical jump. Davis has not attended any summer camps or any combines, but he did recently attend the OSU Junior Day.

“I liked it as I really liked it a lot at OSU,” said Davis. “They treated me like family up there and I was comfortable. Their facilities are fantastic and I had a one-on-one conversation with Coach Mike Gundy for about an hour. I really enjoyed that conversation and I feel we connected. I think he's really a good coach.”

Davis has been offered by OU, OSU and Texas Tech.

“I haven’t visited OU yet so I don’t really know a lot about them,” said Davis. “Once I visit them I will have a lot better idea what I really think about them. I have talked to Coach (Tim) Kish every once in a while, but not every day. Coach Kish and I are working on our relationship, and the more I talk to him the more I like him and begin to get a feel of what he is like.

“What I do like about OU is their great linebacker tradition. I know they have had some great linebackers and that impresses me about them, and I like that because I want to be just like them.”

“Distance is a factor for me because I want to be 15-hours or less away from home. Depth chart matters some because I don’t want to be to far down so that I can’t get on the field until my junior or senior year.”

Cale Gundy got some good news this week out of Delray beach, Florida where Greg Bryant, (5’11, 197, 4.48), one of Gundy's top picks at running back, confirmed that he planned on visiting the OU campus.

Bryant was one of the first two offers extended by Gundy to a running back, after Bryant had an amazing season rushing for 2,100-yards and 31-touchdowns this past season.

Bryant is a physical specimen and runs with incredible strength, yet he has the skill to make defenders miss which makes him an elite running back that can run out of any style of offense.

Bryant, who now has over 30 offers, can bench 285-pounds and he squat an amazing 540-pounds. He also runs the 200M (22.9) in track and has posted a 32-inch vertical jump, says that right now USC is on top,

“I'm really trying to keep an open mind, but I do have one school and I like USC the most,” said Bryant. “I have wanted to go to USC since I was little, and it is in Calli so there is always some good weather.

“Oklahoma is the other school that I really like right now. I always mentioned them and USC. I have a good relationship with Coach (Cale) Gundy and I like their old running back Adrian Peterson. It wouldn’t hurt to be like him. Both Oklahoma and USC run the ball real well and at both schools I can get the ball in my hands, and they will throw the ball to me out the backfield as well.”

“I want to go to Oklahoma in the spring,” said Bryant. “I want to get up to Oklahoma in March and we are making plans to get there now. I have been talking to my dad about it and we are making plans on doing it. I have been talking to Coach Gundy and they want me to come out to spring practice and watch how they do things.”

Last week Josh Heupel ended the suspense at quarterback offering two top quarterbacks, Max Browne, (6' 5" / 205 / 4.9), of Issaquah, (Skyline), Washington and Tyrone Swoopes, (6-5 / 220 /4.6), of Whitewright, Texas the following day. Swoopes responded by pledging to Texas, and Browne changed his visit from this week to sometime in March when OU is in spring drills.

Browne, who will likely be ranked as the top quarterback in the country by fall, changed his unofficial trip to OU because he wanted to see the Sooners practice while he was here. He is now planning to fly into Norman on a Friday and stay until Saturday or Sunday sometime in March.

Browne remains adamant that he doesn’t have a list of favorites, but did give Sooner fans some hope this week, saying:

“I’m very excited about them (the Sooners),” Browne said. “Coach Heupel and I have a good relationship. We talk once a week. I’m hoping to come down in March to watch spring practices.”

Browne said he also plans to visit Alabama in the spring, and that he has already unofficially visited several schools in the past year, among them USC, Michigan, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, California, Stanford, Oregon State and Washington.

Browne's tie to Alabama is new offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier who was acquainted with Browne at Washington where he coached before joining the 'Bama staff. This week however Nussmeier offered another high profile quarterback from out west, Cooper Bateman, from Salt Lake City and may not wait for Browne to decide.

This past year as a junior, Browne threw for 4,034-yards and 45-touchdowns with only seven-interceptions completing an amazing 70-percent of his passes. As of today, he is OU's only offer at quarterback although we would not be surprised to see Tahlequah's Branden Scott enter the picture at some time.

We suspected the Heupel's QB chart now looks like this at the top:

1. Max Browne, (6' 5" / 205 / 4.9), Issaquah, Washington
2. Brayden Scott, QB, (6-3 / 205 / 4.6), Tahlequah, Oklahoma
3. Kevin Olsen, (6-3 / 195) Wayne, New Jersey
4. Kelly Hilinski, (6'6' / 211 / 5.0), Sherman Oaks, California
5. Kohl Stewart, (6-5 / 195 / 4.7), Houston, Texas

Here are the juniors that OU is most interested in, as of this date. More will be added following the National Signing Day, and more still after the April-May evaluation period. (^ Indicates an OU offer has been given, or will be shortly).

Linebacker – Projected 2 - 3

*Alex Anzalone, OLB, (6-3 / 220 / 4.6), Reading, (Wyomissing), PA
Kimmie Carson, LB (6-2 / 210 / 4.6), Tulsa, (East Central), OK
*Chans Cox, LB (6-2 / 220 / 4.6), Lakeside (Blue Ridge), AZ
*Su'a Cravens, LB, (6-1 / 205 / 4.5), Murietta, (Vista), CA
*Deoundrei Davis, LB, 6’2, 210, 4.6, Cypress Woods,TX
Raaquan Davis, OLB, (6'2 / 195 / 4.6), Heath, (Rockwall-Heath), TX
*Erick Huhn, LB/S (6'2 / 190 / 4.6), Cibilo, (Steele), TX
*Michael Hutchings, LB, (6-2 / 210 /4.5) Concord, (De LaSalle), CA
*Shane Jones, OLB (6-1 / 215 / 4.5), Cincinnati, (Moeller), OH
*E.J. Levenberry, LB (6-3 / 230 / 4.6), Woodbridge, VA
*Courtney Love, OLB, 6-1 / 215 / 4.6), Youngstown, (Cardinal Mooney), OH
*Mike Mitchell, OLB, (6-4 / 215 / 4.6), Plano, (Prestonwood Christian), TX
Russell Murphy, LB, Saginaw, TX
Brett Wade, LB (6-2 / 220 / 4.7), Kennedale, TX
*Paul Whitmill, OLB/RB (6-0 / 200 / 4.5), Bastrop, TX
Chad Whitener, OLB (6-0 / 194 / 4.6), Mansfield, TX
Kahlee Woods, LB (6-1 / 220 / 4.6), Sherman, TX

Quarterback – Projected 1

J.T. Barrett, QB, (6-2 / 205), Wichita Falls, (Rider), TX
*Max Browne, QB, (6' 5" / 205 / 4.9), Issaquah, (Skyline), WA
Kelly Hilinski, QB, (6'6' / 211 / 5.0), Sherman Oaks, (Notre Dame), CA
Jacob Burtch, QB, (6-1 / 197 / 4.7) Seminole, TX
Trent Hosick, QB, (6-2 / 221 / 4.6), Kansas City (Staley), MO
Jordan Darling, QB, 6-5 / 225 / 4.8),Waco, (Midway), TX
Devante Kincade, QB, (6’0, 175, 4.67), Dallas, (Skyline), TX
Kevin Olsen, QB, (6-3 / 195) Wayne, (Wayne Hills), NJ
Brayden Scott, QB, (6-3 / 205 / 4.6), Tahlequah (Sequoyah), OK (offer pending)
Kohl Stewart, QB, (6-5 / 195 / 4.7), Houston, (St Pius), TX
Cody Thomas, QB, (6-4, 200) Colleyville, (Heritage), TX

Receivers – Projected 1 -2

*Rod Adams, WR (6-1 / 166 / 4.4), St Petersburg, (Lakewood), FL
Marcell Ateman, WR, (6-4 / 189), Wylie, (East), TX
Richard Benjamin, WR, Tampa, (Middleton), FL
Ben Cavil, WR, (6-4 / 205 / 4.5), San Antonio, (James Madison), TX
Jordan Cunningham, WR, (6-2 / 185 / 4.4), Fort Lauderdale, (University), FL
Amaad Fullwood, Jacksonville, (Bishop Kinmey), FL
Jamar Gibson (6-2 / 190 / 4.5), Baytown, (Sterling), TX
Derrick Griffin, WR, (6-7, 209), Rosenberg, (Terry), TX
Brandon Harris WR, (6-1 / 175 / 4.5), Cedar Hill, TX
*Travis Johnson, WR, (6-4 / 204 / 4.5), Tampa, (Jesuit), FL
Quan Jones, WR, (6-4 / 196), Wylie, TX
Armoni Lanier, WR, (5'11 / 180 / 4.4), Garner, NC
Eldridge Massington, WR (6-3 / 205 / 4.5), Mesquite, (West), TX
Gary Moore, WR, (6-6 / 221 / 4.5), Clarksville, TX
Staurt Polk, WR, (6’3, 180, 4.5), Tahlequah (Sequoyah), OK
Jaevon Richardson, WR, (6-1 / 170 / 4.5), Baytown, (Lee), TX
Dubois Ross, WR/CB, (6'0, 165, 4.4) Banger, PA
*RaShaad Samples, WR, (5'11 / 165 / 4.53), Dallas, (Skyline), TX
*Jacorey Warrick, WR, (5-10 / 169 / 4.4), Houston, (Cy Falls), TX
Quan West, WR, (6-5 / 200 / 4.5), Willis, TX

Running Back – Projected 2

*Greg Bryant RB, (5-10 / 195 / 4.5), Delray Beach, (American Heritage), FL
*Justin Davis, RB, (6-0 / 180 / 4.5), Stockton, (Lincoln), CA
*Derrick Green, RB, (6-0 / 218 /4.6), Richmond, (Hermitage), VA
*Ty Issac RB, (6-2 / 215 / 4.45), Joliet, (Catholic), IL
*Jamel James, RB, (5-11/215), Katy, (Cinco Ranch), TX (Arkansas)
Adam Taylor, RB, (6-1 / 200), Katy, TX
Cameron Wrenn, RB, (5-11 / 177 / 4.5), Broken Arrow, OK
*Wayne Gallman, RB, (6-1 / 195 / 4.5), Loganville, (Grayson), GA
Dontre Wilson, RB, (5'10 / 185 / 4.5), DeSoto, TX
*Lorenzo Woodley, RB, (6-0 / 190 / 4.5), Miami (Columbus), FL
Darius Graham, RB-FB, (6-1 / 215 / 4.6), Lawton, (MacArthur), OK

Defensive Ends – Projected 1 - 2

*Jonathan Allen, DE, (6-3 / 221), Ashton, (Stonebridge), VA
*Tashawn Bower, DE, (6-5 / 231 / 4.7), Somerville, (Immaculata), NJ
Marrick Charles, DE, (), Destrehan, LA
*Elijah Daniel, DE, (6-4 /250 /4.7), Avon, IN
Jimmy Gilbert , DE, (6-4 / 204 / 4.6), A&M Consolidated, TX
*Jason Hatcher, DE, (6-1½ / 235 / 4.5), Louisville, (Trinity), KY
*Joe Mathis, DE, (6-4 / 250 / 4.7), Upland, CA
Colton King, DE (6'2, 224, 4.6) Mesquite, (Horn), TX
*Alquadin Muhammad, DE, (6-4 / 228 / 4.6), Don Bosco Prep, NJ
Robert Nkemdiche, DE, (6-4 / 262 / 4.6), Loganville, (Grayson), GA
Jordan Points, DE, (6’4, 255, 4.9), Rockwall (Heath) TX
*Torrodney Prevot, DE (6'4, 220, 4.6), Houston (Alief Taylor), TX
*Jordan Sherit, DE, (6-4 / 240 / 4.7). Tampa, Hillsborough), FL
*Garrett Sickels, DE (), Little Silver, (Red Bank), NJ
Cameron Stapelton, TE/DE, (6'2 / 225 / 4.7), New York, (Poly Prep), NY
*Wyatt Teller, SDE, (6-5 / 255 / 4.9), Bealeton, (Liberty), VA
LibertyVili Leveni, DE, (6-5 / 225 / 4.7), Hurst, (Bell), TX
*DeMarcus Walker, DE (6-4 / 255 / 4.6) Jacksonville, (Sandlewood), FL
*D.J. Ward, LB/DE (6-4 / 235 / 4.6), Lawton, OK

Offensive Line – Projected 4

Hunter Biven, OT, (), will offer
Robert Boyd, OG, (6-4 / 295 / 5.2), Vian, OK
*J.J. Gustafson, OT, (6-5 / 255 / 4.9), Dallas, (Jesuit), TX -- A&M commitment
*Darius James, C/OL, (6-5 / 319 /), Killeen, (Harker Heights), TX
Kevin Lacey, OT. AZ
Darius Latham, OT, (), Indianapolis, IN
*Evan Lisle, OT (6-5 / 262 / 5.0), Centerville, OH
*Dorian Miller, OT, (6-3 / 276 / 5.0), Metuchen, NJ
Tristan Nickelson, OT, (6-8 / 285), League City, (Clear Falls), TX
*Heath Newland, OG/DL (6-3 / 300), Edmond, (North), OK pending
*Kent Perkins, OT, (6’5, 300, 5.2), Richardson, (Lake Highlands), TX
Ross Pierschbacher, OT/DL, (6'5, 277, 5.2) of Cedar Falls, IA
*Ethan Pocic, OT, (6-7 / 280 / 5.2), Lemont, IL
*A’Shawn Robinson, OT/DT, Fort Worth, (Arlington Heights), TX
*Dan Skipper, OL, (6-10 / 280), Arvada, (Ralston Valley), CO
Braden Smith, OL, (6'6 / 250), Olathe (South), KS
*Laremy Tunsil, OT, (6-6 / 275 / 5.1), Lake City, (Columbia), FL
Ishmael Wilson (6-5, 275), Dallas, (Bishop Dunne), TX

Defensive Backs – Projected 3 - 4

Dakota Austin, SS, (5'11 / 165 / 4.4), Lancaster, Texas
Trey' Vonne Barre, ATH, (5'10 / 170 / 4.5), Jenks, OK
George Baltimore, S, (5'11 / 190 / 4.6), Mansfield, TX
Braden Calip, DB (5-9 / 181 / 4.5), Jenks, OK
*Antwan Davis, CB (5-11 /180 / 4.4), Bastrop, TX
Will Early, CB (6'0 / 185 / 4.45), Mesquite, (West), TX
*Kendall Fuller, CB, (6-0 / 175 / 4.5), Olney, (Good Counsel), MD
Teriyon Gipson, CB (5'9 / 168) Dallas, (Kimball), TX
*Marcell Harris, S, (6-2 /193 / 4.5), Groveland, (South Lake), FL
Devonte Johnson, DB, (5-11 / 160 /4.4), Tulsa, (East Central), OK
*John Johnson, CB, (5-10 / 175 / 4.5), Fresno, (San Joaquin), CA
*Cole Luke, CB (6-0 / 168 / 4.4), Chandler, (Hamilton), AZ
*Leon McQuay, S (6-2 / 180 /4.5), Seffner, (Armwood), FL
Kameron Miles, LB/S, (6-2 /202 / 4.5), West Mesquite, TX
Alfred Pullom, S, (6-1 / 180 / 4.5), Cypress, (Cy-Woods), TX
Taion Sells, S, (5'9 / 170 / 4.5) Irving, (MacArthur), TX
*Maurice Smith, CB, (5-11 / 180 / 4.4), Sugar Land, (Dulles), TX
Trevon Smith, CB (5'8, 170, 4.3), Edmond, (Santa Fe), OK
Darrell Songy, S/LB, (6-1 /205 / 4.5), Pflugerville, (Connally), TX
*Priest Willis, CB, (6-2 / 200 / 4.5) Tempe, (Marcos De Niza), AZ
*Dontre Wilson, CB/RB, (5-10 / 163 / 4.4), DeSoto, TX

Athlete (multiple positions) – Projected 2 - 3

Kalen Elia, TE/DE (6'1, 205, 4.6) Mesquite, (Horn), TX
Keith Ford, RB/ATH (5-11 / 195 / 4.5), Cypress Ranch, TX
Laquvionte Gonzalez, ATH, (5-11 / 175 / 4.5), Chatfield, (Cedar Hill), TX
Ja’Taveon Green, ATH, (5-9 / 160 / 4.4), Garland, TX
Ellis Jefferson, WR-RB, (6-4 / 190), from Denton, (Guyer), TX
Ashon Mayze, ATH, (6-0 / 175 / 4.4), Arlington, (Seguin), TX
*Michael McCray ATH/LB, (6-4 / 230), Dayton, (Trotwood-Madison), OH
Kameron Miles, ATH, (6-2 / 200 / 4.5), Mesquite, (West), TX.
Devonte Moore, (5-9 / 160 /4.4), Lexington, (North Davidson), NC
*Dorian O’Daniel, OLB-RB, (6-1 /198 / 4.5), Olney, (Good Counsel), MD
*Devin Rolen, RB/LB, (6'-1 / 220 / 4.7), McAlester, OK
Alan Shumpert, ATH/DB, (6-2 / 210 / 4.5), Tupelo, MS
Dru Smith, QB/ATH, (6'0 / 175 / 4.5), Mesquite, (Horn), TX
Jordan Sterns, RB/DB, (5'11 / 185 / 4.56), Cibilo, (Steele), TX
Stanvon Taylor, WR/DB, (5’11, 160, 4.45), Tulsa (East Central), OK


Tight End – Projected 1

Adam Breneman, TE, Camp Hill (Cedar Cliff), PA
*Standish Dobard,TE, (6-5 / 240 / 4.7), New Orleans, (Karr), LA
Jerimiah Gaines, TE, (), Red Oak, TX WO
Derrick Griffin, TE (6'6 / 220 / 4.6), Rosenburg, TX
*Hunter Henry, TE (6-5 / 235 / 4,7), Little Rock, (Pulaski Academy), AR
*Jacob Matuska, TE, (6-5 / 240 / 4.8), Columbus, (Bishop Hartley), OH
Christian Morgan, TE, (6-4 / 255 / 4.7), Plano, (Prestonwood Christian), TX
Anthony Miller, TE (6'4, 250, 4.6), Overland Park, (Blue Valley), KS
Mitch Parsons, TE, (6'4 / 220 / 4.6), Parker, (Chaparral), CO
Charlie Reid, TE, (6-4 / 225 / 4.55), Ft. Worth, (All Saints), TX
*DeSean Smith, TE, (6-4 / 225 / 4.7), Lake Charles, (Barbe), LA
*Durham Smythe, TE (6-5 / 227 / 4.7), Belton TX


Defensive Tackle – Projected 1 - 2

*Montravius Adams, DT, (6-4 / 280 / 4.7), Vienna, GA
*Greg Gilmore, DT, (6-4 / 273 / 4.8), Hope Mills, (South View), NC
*Karick Huggins, DT, (6-4 / 285), Dallas, (Skyline), TX
*Justin Manning, DT (6-3 / 278 / 5.0), Dallas, (Kimball), TX
*Isaac Rochell, DT, (), McDonough, (Eagle’s Landing), GA
*Greg Webb, DT (6-2 / 290 / 4.9), Erial, (Timber Creek), NJ
Dominique Woods, DT, (6-1 /285), Dallas, (Skyline), TX

Recruiting Watch List 2014 . . .

Here are some of the young prospects for 2014 that have already turned heads in the Switzer Center.

It's hard to believe, but one 2014 prospect already has an (unofficial), OU offer. Broken Arrow running back Devon Thomas, (5-11 / 190 / 4.5), is the lone 2014 prospect with that distinction at this time.

These and many other top sophomores will be invited to OU’s prospect camp in June, and will get closer looks from the Sooner staff there. We expect many more names will eventually join these over the next sixteen months as the Sooners usually offer somewhere between 90 – 110 prospects in each class nationally.

Prospects may not be ‘officially’ offered until the class in front of them signs, (February 2013). The sophomores that OU has on their early radar screen for 2014 include:

Andy Bauer, OL-DL (6’5 / 278 / 5.2), St. Louis, (DeSmet), MO
Brad Ivey, LB, (6-2 / 205 / 4.6), Shawnee Mission, (Midge), KS
Cedric Collins, DB/ATH/WR (5’8 / 170 / 4.4), Dallas, (Skyline), TX
Deshaun Watson, QB, (6-3 / 180 / 4.6), Gainesville, GA
*Devon Thomas, RB, (5-11 / 190 / 4.5), Broken Arrow, OK
Dominique Little, RB, Lawton, OK
Jakari Dillard, ATH, (6-4 / 185), Princeton, TX
Jalen Tabor, DB/S (6-1 /170 / 4.6), Washington, (Friendship Academy) D.C.
James David, LB, (6-2 / 210), Rockdale, TX
Justice Hansen, QB, (6-3 / 190 / 4.5), Edmond, (Sante Fe), OK
Landon Root, QB, (6'2 /185), Wichita, (Kapaun Mt. Carmel) KS
Nick Harvek, Lancaster, TX
Tyrus Barrett, OT (6-2 / 280), Dallas, (6-2 / 280), TX
Xavier Turner, RB Birdville, TX

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