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The Highlight of a Career

It was a 2nd and 3 from the Oklahoma State 18 yard line. The Sooner defense just forced a field goal in the first possession of overtime. Now, the offense could win the game with a touchdown. The passing game had been very efficient all night long. Landry Jones had thrown for 500 yards and three touchdowns. Three receivers had over 100 yards.

Brennan Clay's 18 yard touchdown run in overtime clinched the game.

The running game however, had struggled.

But when they were called upon late in the game, they came through.

It started with a seven-yard run on first down by Trey Millard. Then, the guy who has made the most out of his opportunities this year did it again. As Brennan Clay ran up the middle, he got lost in the pile for a brief second. Then, he suddenly squirted out and broke not one, but two tackles as he raced towards the endzone.

“I just remember it was a cut play, and I was right up the middle,” said Clay. “Trey [Millard] came backside to kick out the defensive end, and they had a big collision there so I just paced it up a bit. Then Gabe [Ikard] came down on the right and slammed down on their nose tackle. I just ran through some trash and was able to get into the endzone.”

As the celebration began in the endzone, it was the other two-thirds of the Cali Trio, Kenny Stills and Tony Jefferson, who reached Clay first.

“I just love them boys,” said Clay. “We came in together, and we always stick together. They’re really my brothers and I really feel like they’re blood. I’m so appreciative of them and they always have my back. I’m just glad that they’re here with me. It makes you feel great that people care about you, especially when it’s the ones that really matter. Like I said, they always have my back, and they’ll always ride with me until the end and I’m appreciative of it.”

By the end of the fourth quarter the Cowboy defense was gassed. The coaching staff took notice of this and knew they would be able to run the ball in overtime.

“We just knew we had to keep pounding it. It’s not going to be a big one every time, especially against a good defense like Oklahoma State. They did a great job scheming against us, and they were able to stop the run. Getting to break a long one and score the game-winning touchdown is truly a blessing” said Clay.

For a guy that’s faced adversity over his career, it was special to see him come up in a big way. Clay has become a favorite not just amongst the fans, but with the players and coaches as well.

“I just give all of the glory to God; he has blessed me so much to have this opportunity. Throughout the years, I’ve been banged up with injuries here and there, especially nagging ones. Just being healthy and a full go, is really exciting for myself that I have the ability to provide for this offense and help out in any way that I can.”

Clay has made a number of plays this season when called upon. When asked if the game-winning touchdown was the highlight of his career, he agreed that it was.

“Oh yeah of course, there’s been so many plays this year overall, but to finish in Bedlam, it was a great experience.”

Two fourth quarter comeback wins in back-to-back weeks says a lot about the character of this team. There’s no doubt that they’ve matured immensely from last year. Clay feels they can face any obstacle that comes their way.

“We’re strong, we’re strong willed and we can face any adversity. We can go through any obstacle, and we know that this offense is very potent, and that we can score from anywhere on the field. We just know we have to play all sixty minutes. Tonight we played a little more than that, but we came out with the victory.”

The scene after the game was nothing like anyone has ever seen at Owen Field, and it was a special moment for everyone involved. Clay said the support of the fans made the night even more special for the players.

“They stayed until the end and they had our back even though we were down by 11. We came back and faced adversity, and I’m appreciative of them being here the whole time.”

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