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Stranding Runners Still A Concern

The Sooners have jumped out to a hot, 11-2 start this season. They’re even ranked as high as No. 10. But, there have still been noticeable flaws that could end up costing them games down the road.

Sunny Golloway's Sooners will face a tough slate this weekend in Los Angeles.

One such flaw, has been consistently stranding runners on base.

Through 13 games this season, the Sooners have stranded 111 base runners, (8.5 a game).

“It’s about clutch hitting,” said head coach Sunny Golloway. “We’ve got to be able to get the lead, and we’ve got to be able to play our game and we have to have the threat to squeeze bunt, double-steal and hit-and-run.”

With tougher competition coming up on the schedule, the Sooners cannot continue to leave runners stranded in scoring position.

“We’re just trying to hit line drives and get balls on the ground,” said Max White. “If we do that, we’ll find holes and continue to score runs.”

At times, the Sooners have struggled to score runs this season. They’ve relied on big innings on several occasions, and have leaned on a strong pitching staff to help them win games.

With so many newcomers in the lineup, that can be expected early in the season. But, if they want to reach the goals they set out before the season, it cannot continue.

The pitching staff will be a force all season long. If the Sooners can add some clutch hitting to their repertoire, they’ll find themselves in a good position come tournament time.

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