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Stoops has home visit with Robbins


It is good to have options, particularly for talented cornerback Lamar Robbins. Robbins recently took in the OU Bedlam game and admitted it was the best atmosphere he has experienced at a football game and he left that game leaning towards the Sooners over Purdue and West Virginia.

Earlier this week Robbins entertained OU Defensive Coordinator and secondary Coach Mike Stoops in his home and said that visit went fine.

“That was a good visit with Coach (Mike) Stoops but it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary,” aid Robbins. “Basically he was just talking to mom filing in all the blanks about going to Oklahoma and what it would be like for me to go to school there and play there. Everything that he was telling her I already knew about, and I really didn’t need to be there listening to their conversation. It was a good visit and it was great to see Coach Stoops.

“My mom is not really that big on football and she doesn’t really watch it and doesn’t know that much about football. She is just now starting to watch it because I am going to college and I am going to be playing football. She has a lot of questions because she is wondering how it all works and what a scholarship covers and how I would go to school in Oklahoma when I live in Florida. So now she is trying to get more involved for football so that she can know what is going on and understand the game. In the house, my whole family are big football fans and now my mom is trying to understand the game better.

“Her business concern is how I am going to be able to get home during breaks and holidays. That is a big concern for me as well and he went all over that and he told us about several different options that I have that can help with the cost of coming home, and that was a big relief for us.”

Robbins has now taken official visits to OU, West Virginia and Purdue and he is getting closer to making a decision.

“I am in the same boat I was in right now,” said Robbins. “I am not weighing all my options and I am not trying to eliminate anyone right now, but Oklahoma is my leader and I really like Oklahoma. Things are still very busy right now and I have no time table set up for making my decision and I just want to make it when I feel good about making it. I am not sure about taking other visits and I am just thinking things through right now.”

Robbins remains on pace to qualify.

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