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Sooners to face top offense

While no one (maybe a couple of guys here or there) will publicly admit it, the Sooners are out for revenge this weekend. Oklahoma hosts the Baylor Bears on Saturday afternoon and will try to right a wrong that was suffered a year ago in Waco.

Baylor's Nick Florence

That wrong, according to many Sooners fans, was losing to the Bears for the first time ever. The Sooners gave up 479 yards passing to Robert Griffin III along with four touchdowns.

Not much has changed with Baylor over the past year. They have the nation’s best offense at more than 580 yards a game and quarterback Nick Florence is leading the nation at just over 377 yards a game.

“It brings us back home where we have a really explosive Baylor team,” said OU Coach Bob Stoops. “It'll be a big challenge to win with them. Like always in this league it's always tough to get ready to play these teams that are so explosive offensively."

"They have great schemes, great speed across the board,” said Stoops. “Their quarterback is an experienced guy. You put that all together and they haven't missed a beat.”

Well, it won’t be all biscuits and gravy for Baylor this go around either. They’ll be facing, arguably, the best defense in the conference, a fact certainly not missed by Baylor Coach Art Briles.

"They are good,” said Briles. “They didn't wake up and just get good today; they have been good for a long time. They are very physical, very talented, and they are schemed up very well."

The Bears will arrive in Norman carrying plenty of confidence. While putting up some explosive numbers offensively, a majority of these guys were involved in beating Oklahoma last year.

"We absolutely have confidence from last year,” said Baylor Quarterback Nick Florence. “We beat them last year and it's a good deal and we will feed off of that, but at the same time it's a totally different year and we are a totally different team and they are a totally different team. So yeah we beat them last year, that's great, but it's a new year, it's a new time and let's write a new chapter this year."

It’s defense that’s been the issue with the Bears in 2012. While they have the top offense in America, their defense ranks 120th overall giving up more than 520 yards a game.

"Landry (Jones) is tall, has a great arm, and works under a great system,” said Briles. “He is a three-year starter and has won more games than anyone else in OU history. They are a rhythm team and they allow him to get the ball out of his hand very quickly. He is an exceptional quarterback, and it is kind of surprising that he stayed for this season."

The Sooners and Bears will kick off at 2:30 p.m. Saturday afternoon on Owen Field.

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