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Sooners must stop OSU’s run game

It’s certainly no secret that the Oklahoma run defense has been gashed for the past two weeks. It was Baylor two weeks ago and then West Virginia ripping the Sooners with a record setting performance last week.

OU's David King

The challenges remain just as difficult this week when the Oklahoma State Cowboys come calling. The Pokes feature the No.3 ranked offense in the nation with the sixth best passing offense and 18th beat rushing offense.

“Yeah, you have to stop the run game to win the game,” said Senior Defensive End David King. “If you stop the run game, you make them pass. We’ve been playing pretty good pass defense all year. If you can’t stop the run game, you won’t win the game. Luckily, our offense was able to put up one more point than their offense and got us the win. At the end of the day, you’ve got to stop the run. Simple zone plays, that’s pretty much all West Virginia was doing, and they just had gaping holes through and through.”

Everyone knows David King to be a stand up guy. He readily admits that he was right in the middle of those defensive debacles over the past two weeks

“Coach [Mike] Stoops said we’ll have a better game plan this week, so just put the faith in the coaches to have a game plan and put the faith in the players to go out and execute it,” said King. “We’re going to continue to prepare at the level we’ve been preparing at throughout the course of the season. We’ll just come out on Saturday and just try to put it all together and have a dominant performance.”

When asked if the intensity around practice had increased over the past week, King said things are always intense around practice.

“He’s been intense all season. Y’all know him, he’s been for a long time. It’s not like if we win big he takes his intensity off; he’s intense all the time. He’s probably going to be the same guy. He’ll probably be a little more fired up, but he’ll be intense as always.”

If trying to stop the Cowboy run game wasn’t enough, there’s still the matter of losing to the Cowboys last year in Stillwater 44-10.

“There’s still a sour taste in our mouth, the way we went down there and just laid an egg last year,” said King. “A lot of guys on this defense were a part of that, and we’re going to use that game last year as a motivator.”

The Sooners and Cowboys kickoff at 2:30 Saturday afternoon on Owen Field.

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