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Self impressed with Sooners

Following Saturday afternoon’s 72-66 loss to Oklahoma, the Kansas Jayhawks have now lost three in a row and have likely dropped out of the top ten. But KU Coach Bill Self says all is not lost, in fact he saw some bright spots in the loss.

"This game to me, today, I'm not leaving out of here disgusted with my team at all because we actually played better today,” said Self. “We played a good team today and they shot the heck out of the basketball. Our last two efforts haven't been great efforts, but today we gave a decent effort and it just wasn't good enough."

While the Sooners were also coming off a pair of losses, Self says his Jayhawks ran into a team that was red hot.

"I thought both teams played better today than both teams did at Lawrence,” said Self. “When [Amath] M'Baye's made two [three pointers] on the year he makes two and [Romero] Osby's made four on the year and he makes a big one, and those are the things that are the difference in winning and losing. We go triangle and two and they're late to throw them off, but I think we did an above average job of doing that, but they had some guys that stepped up there and made some shots."

With straight losses, the previously second ranked Jayhawks may have dropped out of the rankings.

"This last week hasn't been a good week for us by any stretch,” said Self. “But let's be real. We were ranked No. 2 in the country seven days ago, and you don't go from being a good team to a bad team overnight. We had a couple of bad outings, but we're still a good team. If guys lose their swagger or their confidence after this then we're probably not going to be very tough anyway. It's not as big of a deal to me; I just want my team to get better."

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