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Sooners claim top spot in Big 12

NORMAN, Okla. — The Sooners closed with a vengeance and took the top ranking in the Big 12 because of it.

Starting the day at No. 16, they rose to 14.

Meanwhile, the Texas Longhorns plummeted from 12 to 17.

“Exciting and really a great day for us and recruiting, I believe,” said OU head coach Bob Stoops. “Really pleased and appreciate the hard work of our assistant coaches and the way they’ve been around the country and have recruited and finished off really in this last week. I believe it’s one of our better recruiting classes that we’ve had through the years.”

On the day, the Sooners locked up unsure signatures from four-star athlete Michiah Quick, three-star offensive tackle Orlando Brown, three-star offensive tackle Kenyon Frison and committed three-star four-technique Courtney Garnett (was wavering towards Notre Dame).

Meanwhile, they managed to keep everyone else aboard in the process of signing 26 total, including four early enrollees.

“You know, it’s always kind of hard to remember all of them when you get to the end, but I would definitely say ahead of the Sugar Bowl we were on track,” Stoops said. “We were on a lot of great players. We had some great commitments already. Definitely in the month after that, that momentum, I [think], had a strong and positive impact on us finishing out, I think, and getting these guys in the last few weeks.

“But again, credit the [others]. It isn’t just the game. Assistant coaches did an excellent job. Hopefully I had a little bit to do with it in how we were all working with them and finished in a really strong way.”

In all, the staff racked up a class with one five-star, seven four-stars and 18 three-stars, good for an average rating of 87.51 in the 247 Composite.

Meanwhile, Texas had a slightly better average rating of 88.09, but no five-stars and three fewer commits.

No one else in the league managed to stay in the Top 25.

The Sooners’ class features commits from nine different states, including Texas (8), California (6), Oklahoma (4), Arizona (2), and Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Ohio and Utah (all 1).

“Well, I don’t recall a time when I’ve been here in my [time] that we haven’t had guys from many states. Right?” Stoops said. “I’m just guessing here. I can’t—I’m not the best at keeping track of that, but, you know, we’ve had maybe not this many, but we’ve always had, I think, five or so, six states in where we recruit. And, you know, when people call you, send you information or we search out the top 10, 15, 20 players at a certain position and they have a strong interest, you follow up with it.

“And we’ve been able to connect, you know, with these guys and it’s worked out with them coming here. And we’ve, for instance, not just California, all the—when you look at the success the players from California have had here, I think it makes a difference. You know, players recognize that and recognize the opportunity as a positive one.”

Five star-purpose back Joe Mixon, from California, of course headlines the class, which finished strong on this day.

The Sooners now look to 2015 recruiting, where things are already off to a great start.

Four four-stars have already given OU the No. 9 class there out of the gates.

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