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Mike Stoops expects 'D' to improve

By now, everyone knows the story from last Saturday night, while the Sooners win with a last minute Landry Jones touchdown pass, defensively it was the worst performance by a Sooner team in the history of Oklahoma Football.

The Sooners gave up over 700 yards of offense to West Virginia; including 300 plus yards to Trevon Austin in his first ever start at tailback.

"We got run over pretty good,” said Defensive Coordinator Mike Stoops. “That was the perfect storm and we just didn't have any answers. It was very frustrating and very disappointing. But that's football in this league and give West Virginia a lot of credit. I thought they were very creative.

"I would venture to say that not many people could do what he [Tevon Austin] did just because of his ability to run in space. The speed and ability he was able to show was something that I hadn't seen on a football field. I've seen a lot of the great ones, but the ability stop and move laterally that fast was something that I had never seen. It was one of the great performances by a rusher."

It was the second week in a row that the Sooners seven defensive back defense was slashed by an opponent’s rushing attack. So, the obvious question now is how to fix it.

"We've got to do a lot of things different,” said Stoops. “It's very uncharacteristic to have three guys almost single handedly dominate you the whole night. We've just got to come up with a better plan.

"We have to play things a little differently. We weren't great anywhere. We weren't great in space, we weren't great up front. The coverage was pretty good. Geno (Smith) threw some great balls so that's going to happen. It was very frustrating but we need to learn from it and certainly have a better plan."

What that plan will be is anybody’s guess and will be classified “TOP SECRET” until Saturday afternoon’s Bedlam Battle. But do know the Sooners are upbeat and working hard.

"I think we're very focused,” said Stoops. “You know, as the season goes on you can lose your edge a little bit and that's going to happen in a game, it's just going to happen. Unfortunately, with these teams if you are off they can expose a lot of bad play. And we were not good at any level of our defense. When you are not good at any level of your defense you are going to give up monster numbers and certainly we did that."

We’ll find out on Saturday if those Sooners can find it within themselves to shore up that defensive front and stop the Cowboys potent run game.

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