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King wants to go out with bowl win

Oklahoma Senior Defensive End David King will finish his Sooner career in just about two weeks. It ends on the floor of Cowboys Stadium against the Texas A&M Aggies in the 2013 Cotton Bowl. Like Landry Jones, King has the opportunity to finish his career with four bowl wins. Those win include a 2009 win over Stanford in the Sunbowl, a 2010 win over Connecticut in the Fiesta Bowl, and a 2011 win over Iowa in last year’s Insight Bowl.

"It'd be great, knowing that I'd be 4-0 in bowl games I've actually played in,” said King. “Not many people can say that across the country. It'd be the perfect ending for my senior year and for a lot of the guys on this team."

Well, picking up that fourth win will be much easier said than done. The Sooners will face Texas A&M and Heisman winner Johnny Manziel. This past season, Manziel set an SEC record with 4,600 yards of total offense. The Aggies finished 10-2 on the season and 6-2 in the SEC losing only to Florida and LSU.

"They're a lot different. It starts with their quarterback. He's a new guy, a freshman, and he kind of caught a lot of people off guard across the SEC and the country. He's taken a lot of people by storm."

"We can't allow [Manziel] to run on us all day,” said King. “Obviously, that's what he's been doing, and he's been very successful. That's how he won the Heisman. He's a playmaker. If it's not there, he's going to just run, and teams have had a hard time stopping him. We're going to have to have our best game of the season by far to contain him and not let him do what he wants to do."

At season’s end, the Sooners have the unenviable distinction of facing the top three Heisman finishers. Along with Manziel, the Sooners have faced K-State’s Colin Klein and Notre Dame’s Manti Te’o. The Sooners, of course, lost to both K-State and Notre Dame.

"We're 0-2 against two of them, so we're going to try to end this season on a win,” said King. “With him (Manziel) being the Heisman winner, it's going to be that much more exciting to play him.

"He's faster than Colin Klein. He's got some shape to him, some wiggle, so he can get himself out of a lot of stuff. Colin Klein is a physical guy. He'll try to run you over. Manziel is the type of guy who will try to get around you and let his downfield blockers put people on the ground so he can run 30 or 40 yards. He'll be a tough task."

King says the Sooners have a lot to prove and it’s very important to finish this season with a win.

"They focus a lot of their offense around him (Manziel),” said King. “Getting the ball in his hands, whether it's throwing or letting him run. “They've got a lot of QB run game. We've just got to stop the run and make him throw and make plays all day.

"It's extra motivation. We've got to sit around here for a month and watch ESPN, and all they talk about is 'Johnny Football' or 'Johnny Heisman' or whatever they call him now. The whole national media is scrutinizing our defense about how we can't stop the run. We're underdogs in this game, so we've got a lot to prove. On Jan. 4, we'll be ready to play."

The Sooners and Aggies meet on January 4th and kick off at 7:00 p.m.

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