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Jones looking for his 4th bowl win

In a few short days, Oklahoma Quarterback Landry Jones will try to end his Sooner career by leading the Sooners to their fourth straight bowl victory. The Sooners will face Texas A&M in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas on January 4th.

"It's just another big bowl game that we get to go to,” said Jones. “Another good team, a team ranked in front of us; it's going to be a challenge for us. For me and my legacy here, it's another game where I get to go out and prove myself and hopefully play to the best of my abilities."

Jones was the subject of extreme criticism early in the season. Jones responded by throwing for just shy of fourth-thousand yards and leading Oklahoma to a share of the Big 12 title, which included last minute wins against West Virginia, Oklahoma State and TCU.

"It feels good to end the season the way we did,” said Jones. We came out and played really well at the end of the year. It feels good to be in the spot that we're in and get in the bowl game we're in.

"I started off a little rocky and didn't play the way I felt I could play or play the way I wanted to play. Fortunately enough for me, this being my final year, I've gotten it going a little bit and started playing some good football and build some confidence throughout the year."

Jones had the opportunity to leave school after his junior year and head to the NFL. Jones said that coming back for 2012 was just the right thing to do.

"I didn't think too much about 'legacy' or anything like that coming back, I really wanted to make the right decision for me and my family. Like I've always said, I hope my legacy here is bigger off the field than on the field - a guy that always tried to push his teammates toward Christ and always made that very evident that He is the answer in their lives and to our lives and the reason why we're here on the Earth.

"On the field, I hope I go out the way I want to go out and go out with a win and play very well. We'll just see on Jan. 4 how that ends up."

Jones will be playing his final game on the field where his career started. It was the season opener of 2009 and Jones was forced to replace Sam Bradford who had injured his shoulder against BYU.

"I remember all of it,” said Jones. “You definitely remember your first start and the first time you play. I was confident to go in there and play the way I knew I could play. But there were still nerves that you go through in your first college game, so I was definitely nervous. I played my hardest and unfortunately we didn't come out on top, but I learned a lot of things through that game.

“In my mind that day, yes I was prepared, but looking back on it now I probably wasn't as prepared as I would be now, knowing what I know now."

The Sooners returned to practice this past Saturday.

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