JR's 7 Points to Ponder: WVU

1. Tackle Efficiently. No 'kill shots'..wrap up with multiple Sooners attending the party. Missed tackles equal WVU home runs. Unacceptable.

2. Momentum. Seize it like it was the last rib at a BBQ buffet. WVU psyche fragile. Give them nothing to hang their coonskin hats on.

3. Road kill. Favorite Mountaineer tailgate food. Serve it to them with Sooner 'hospitality.' OU must play 4 quarters of intense, focused football.

4. Offensive line. Battered, fried but getting job done. Overlooked by many. O-Line playing blue collar football. Keeping Landry Jones out of duress is imperative.

5. Turnovers. Make them & it gives WVU hope and thats like providing moonshine to one's drunken uncle. Create them and Sooners leave their first trip to Morgantown with an important win. Sooners have plenty to play for. Big money ball game.

6. Geno Smith. WVU QB is a stud. WVU's recent woes aren't on their QB. Managing Smith is crucial to an OU win. Is blitzing Smith a key? QB pressure definitely something to watch for. That goes both ways for the record. WVU will come hard at Landry.

7. Sooner ball control. Will keep clock running and nation's 5th ranked offense standing next to their quirky head coach. Spread WVU out and establish a viable running game. Again, better utilization of Trey Millard and a healthier Damien Williams is huge.

If Oklahoma can manage their turnovers and contest every Mountaineer pass, OU comes back to God's Country will a crucial win. A street fight looms. Sooners by 8 in a bowling shoe ugly, key, Big 12 game in hostile territory.

Looking forward to the trip.

Boomer Sooner!

Jim Ross

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