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JR's 7 Points to Ponder: Baylor

1. Baylor is ranked #1 nationally on offense averaging a whopping 580 yards per game so the onus is on the Oklahoma defense to play smart, assignment oriented football, especially in the secondary.

2. Pass Rush. Bears QB Nick Florence has a great arm and needs to be the recipient of a hostile pass rush. It will be interesting to see how many three and outs the Sooners earn. This might be a telling stat.

3. Art Briles Trickeration. Briles has been pulling trick plays, misdirection, etc out of his cap since his Stephenville, Texas high school days. One can assume that Briles will use every page of his imaginative playbook Saturday.

4. Oklahoma running game. Can Brendon Clay replicate his performance of a week ago while likely once again carrying most the load? #33 Trey Millard could have a big day. Is imagining Millard getting 10 touches Saturday too much to ask for? Oklahoma running the football efficiently keeps the nation’s #1 offense on the west side of Owen Field.

5. The Woodshed. The Sooners need to aggressively take the Bears there early. Very interested in seeing how the first quarter plays out. Hopefully, OU can jump on Baylor and force the Bears into an early hibernation.

6. The Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Plains. With the wind predicted to be blowing at approximately 30 miles per hour at game time, strange things can occur in the kicking game. Because every kick could be an adventure, Special Teams play needs to be especially dialed in.

7. Home Field Advantage. Anyone else curious as to what the home crowd will provide the team Saturday? Hopefully, with a day game and warmer than normal temps for November football the OU faithful will ‘bring it.’

This could easily be a 4 hour football game so adjust your DVR’s. The trip to Waco last year was sobering to say the least. My traveling partner for the Waco trips, Bud Hebert, and I were dumbfounded as RG3 lead the Bears to their first win in 20 games against Oklahoma. That shocking loss made our traditional Whataburger stop on our return trip to Dallas taste average. That alone is grounds for retribution.

Sooners win by 24.

Boomer Sooner!

Jim Ross


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